Wednesday, 22 April 2015


at pt england school  we saw some soldiers who died for for us on the field of remembrance
we saw white crosses and the names of  soldiers and nurses. people wear a poppy to
remember the soldiers.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Yesterday we went to swimming  and we have to go in the pool and we have to swim on the      island and we have to swim back to our swimming teacher they gave  us goggles to see under water then we went out the water because we have to lite Miss King class go then we went back to school and we have to get  change in the girls bathroom then we went to put our swimming togs on the chair and get our lunch.  

Maths - Adding groups of 10

Reading - Enemy Pie

the picnic

pt england school  were lucky enough to go to pt england beach  last week on riday we  were going to enjoy our day and   have fun at the  sun at our annual school  picnic when i like swimming at the water when we put my head under the water and its was salty  then i put my head back up and its make my eyes red  its was fun. and i like playing at the sand making castle  with the
sand . and i felt happy going to the beach .