Monday, 2 July 2018


Today is team 5’s inquiry expo
And we had inquiry groups that we having been working in for a few weeks on project. In our group we had me (hilary) and me ( hazel) eva and pilinilose but only me and hazel did mostly all the work well they were playing around during class. In our inquiry class We were all supposed to have a project our project was gonna be a poster but hilary insisted to make a movie about isaac newton so we made one but our project was a fail kind of i actually wasn’t really that much of a fail

So when me and hilary and the others decided to make a movie we made a movie of  Isaac newton's laws his main 3 laws.We made lots of mistake but I was not in the movie  much.It’s really a good movie and exactly.

We did some following task and mistakes it took time doing work a lot of time.But we manage to finish but something went wrong the computer didn’t work so  we have try to do our movie on another computer.

We have made success on our movie,we put so much hard work on to it  but
It couldn’t because the imac couldn’t work properly so it couldn’t upload
We were a bit disappointed

But Next time we will do something else like  a water balloon and it will blow up but it will splash everywhere but I think it’s going to work .I will give a clue : It have  something you push so hard that’s your clue for next time .

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

The Abandoned School

           The Abandoned School
On a sunny day with a few showers of raindrops.Everybody at  Tamaki primary was talking about the
“ The Abandoned School”. everybody was just doing their work.A student was thinking about going there
after school two people agree to go with him.It was the time to go home but the three students was at
“ The Abandoned School” their were a mist coming this way towards them.

They jump over the gate,they have  pack them self supplies that they need.They have a made a
grave ( It means bad) mistake they enter to the school it was misty inside the school.
The other student left the group exploring the school,he shouted the noise went across the hall.
They saw someone walking up the hallway the lights was turning off and on,they have to frantically run
but they got caught and drag them along  the hallway and never been seen again.
The End