Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Special Guest

Special Guest.....

Today Team 5 Had  3 lucky people.Who had great careers,Cause Team 5 has been learning about our Malaga.Our careers.One man name Jason Young had talk to us about his job,and what he does.He join Iron man.He explain what is  iron man.I Thought it was a type of job,But it was  a bit the same,

Jason  participate in iron man which is a Marathon,It's only for adults.He talk to us about how life can be hard.But need to follow your goal.An other guest is a wonderful woman,Which is a actor and a funeral director.Have you ever heard a channel call casketeers.
Her Life story is if you want to be a funeral director.They have to work for 24 hour.When kids are sleeping that time.Lucky last is a true Samon.Tanielu tele'a.He's a rubgy player.Tanielu came to PES before.Did Penn too.
He plays for the Blues and had fun talking to us.


                                    There was once a fish
Who did the dishes
Then got stuck in the drain
And could never been seen again.

Monday, 8 April 2019

Face mask

This week in literacy,We have been discussing our identity and how we express our identity to others.We realized that some aspects of our identity are more obvious than others.We also discussed how we show different parts of our identities. On one side of my mask it shows that I like cats and I think their cool. Even dogs are cool too.

On the other side I had to show what people think when they first meet me. When people first meet me they think i'm shy because they just met me for the first time. But when people get to know me a little bit they think i'm weird, and then they think that I am funny.

Little red riding hood and the wolf

Friday, 29 March 2019

Attuiude talk with jannah

Team 5  had an attitude talk  with  jannah.Which she was here last year talking with us girls.And now she here to talk about Friendship.She show tips about friendship.And Myths about  friendships.First she told us that girls talk 12,000 times and boys talk about 6,000.Well girls always talk too much.Jannah Tells us lots of funny jokes.Jannah was pretty cool.It was really fun with jannah.Friendship is cool.