Saturday, 16 December 2017

Emoji Callenge part 1

I had did with my friend hilary me and her just di it like today.Leave a comment

My Favourites

Christmas Stuff

I know that it's not christmas but I just want to put it  up  for you veiwers  theres games and videos.
If you want to play the game you can or watch videos.

Waka Ama

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I like to ride on a Waka Ama I think it will be fun to ride one.Cause it's like going in a weekend fun if  I go in  I might be scare of going in the Waka Ama the wave will might get pumping above the Waka.

I Voyage To Aotearoa

voyage to New Zealand it took a long time to get there.I felt brave to go to Aotearoa but it was scaring when I got on the island.I shake and chatter me teeth and my nails as well not my toe nails.

Facts about maui 2

1.  Maui and The Big  fish

Maui was a brave man in his day.He wanted to go fishing with his brothers but they made lots of excuse of him fishing.So Maui prove himself that he is part of a good fishermen.
Image result for Maui and the FishImage result for Maui and the Fish

2. Maui and the Sun  

Maui was in his home resting but then the sun was going fast that the evening is moving.And then  Maui ask his brothers to help him to slow down the sun.They Accepted the mission so they went of to slow down the sun. 

Image result for maui and the sunImage result for maui and the sun

3.Facts About The Interesting Man - Maui 

Maui is a brave man to help his people and family's.He had lot's of task that he want to do first he did The sun to slow it down then the Big Fish.

Image result for maui and the sunImage result for maui and the giant fish