Friday, 18 August 2017

Weird things happen to my life

On a sunny day there were mission control people doing a mission.But they we very boring but i was so businesses i have school.When the bell ring my teacher said “ where were you” and then i said a liar to my teacher i said “I was at my house cleaning my room and doing the washing miss” “hmm oh ok” then i saw the mission control people   at my school that was so weird that they came. They told a liar that they were on a mission but they were here to follow me.

When i saw a rainbow still the mission control people  they still follow me i said “ i am going to drive even that i am bad at driving”  “ AAAAAAAAA GGGGGGG HHHHHHH”  WWW WEEEEEEEEEE” “were here guys” “you are a bad driver next time i drive”  we were here the  entrances let’s climb the rainbow.Wow how many time did we climb this rainbow 10m  
Every one jump off the rainbow and side on it.

When i we over the rainbow i saw a fart gun it was so cool the mission control people said “that’s the one the fart gun” you reward this fart gun enjoy that fart gun “later” well i will  drive then by myself  “Why Why i need them” “ok i don’t need them”  1 hour later   “Why Why i need them”.I went home with the fart gun and then i saw bad guy’s attacking my mum and dad i use the fart gun and shoot the fart gun to the bad guy.

Mission control people came and save my life “oh thank you for saving my life” “welcome”.


Thursday, 17 August 2017


I like learning about measurement first i did not know how to do it but when i give it a go again thanks for reading

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Hazel Solar System

W.A.L.T:About the solar system so read thought my solar system

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Hazel Space Narrative

Image result for moon
I have friend’s their name’s Laolao and Hilary we started chatting about earth  people are polluted our lakes and ocean.But the gas from factories we decided to leave earth but we pack food and waters we hop on to are spaceship we left earth we look at every planet but not all. Laolao said “ why not mercury” “sure” we ride to mercury but it was very cold and mercury have some ice surface and mercury is the closes to the sun Laolao  and Hillary even me we were so cold that we are going to be ice blocks.We try to run but the gravity

“we made it” Hilary and Laolao said.

We made it to Venus “at least it’s not cold” said Laolao when we touch the flood our body's turn
red and we started tipping toeing back to the ship.We were out of fuel we need  water to make the spaceship Laolao had the last bottle of water we proor the water in the tank.

Then we went to the moon but their was a problem we have not wear are space suit but the helmet there were someone there it was a hanging robot that look’s around the moon if it’s safe.

Ohh we should live here it’s wonderful we need that robot to make sure that can we live here on the moon so that we can build the future and a dome.So we need that robot come on get that robot.  

We had the robot and spend our life’s on the moon people came from earth and spend their life’s too so we live happy on are new planet we call the moon super cool moon.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Tech Expo team5

  Tech Expo team5
  Yesterday when it was 2:11 pm we pack up our classroom then we line up at the shelter by the porch but we  have to put on are shoes even  that it’s raining.We  had a tours that shows us where to go and explore team 5

there were games,hammock,headphones lots of things.My favourite part was the hammock.Why does hammock is cool?.I like it because it  rocks people in it.But i want to get but i have no money too bad.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Hazel Multiplication week 9, Term 2

Walt: Learn our 6 - 9 Times TablesWalt: Use times tables that I already know to solve difficult times tables

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Hazel Breaking up times tables

Breaking up times tables
Break them up into the times tables you know, then add them together!

6 x 3
6 x 2 = 12
6 x 1 = 6

12 + 6 = 18

6 x 6
6 x 3=18
6 x 3=18
7 x 3
8 x 3
7 x 6
6 x 8
6 x 4=24
9 x 3
8 x 7
4 x 6
4 x 9

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

My new Teachnology

If you like this shoes they are call T.6.1.T .It cost $ 35 i know it's not cheap it was lots of moths and years and days to make this.But  it have super booster,water proof,gravity,lights on the shoes,night visions,lights laces.It so cool cool that you can fly like a bird.Oh even there is a time on the shoes too.So reamber the shoes name is call T.6.1.T .

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Monday, 12 June 2017

Flow diagram

WALT: We have been invented life jackets over time it started in 1854 read to see how life jackets charges over time.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Staying Afloat

W.A.L.T: Grandad was telling his grand kids about what did he fish back when he was a little boy.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Hazel Solve a Fraction

Walt: Share numbers equally
Walt: Solve a fraction of a number

Hazel Scary Story

Rendered Image
WaLT: We are witing a story that how your person end up in the under ground  tunnle
It was a raining day even it was May.John cena woke up in a raining night he was about to head to the  gym but it was raining hard out that he could get wet in the rain.but he can’t risk it  he went outside to walk in the rain he was getting wet he made it to the trash and grab an old newspaper
He look at it and throw it in the trash again he find i map but it was fresh but did someone put it in the trash?.When he saw the gym he fell into a  hole.The hole lead him to the underground.The hole disappear from the roof top the lights turn off when he got there but there  were a doll that was sitting.The light was shiny at the doll John cena was going to freak out he thinks that he’s going to lose his hole life.But he had his phone and the doll was saying “ 1...2...3....4… come on John cena” the doll know john cena name he call Big Show.And then big show came and said “ what’s the problem”
“ There is a scary doll singing at me  but scary i think that i am going to waste my whole life
Can you get it away for ever” “sure”

“Thanks Big Show” “now let’s head to the gym”.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Hazel Digital License

The Digital License

It was yesterday Tuesday team 4 & 5 gets to have a excited thing.we had digital License in the hall.There were a man  call  dominic bowden he was from the X factor.he was the (MC) that stand for the owner of the game.there were groups they’re call The crushers, The smashers and The Dominators.The game was just like family fred.But the quiz was all about  how to be safe on are chromebooks the quiz was all about cyber smart.
My Favorite Part
My favourite part was that dominic bowden
Said “ unit next time” and then he said “just kidding”.The part that i like was that the crusher  win they got the last quiz right.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Hazel Fractions Week 4, term 2

Walt: Share numbers equally  Walt: Solve fraction word problems

Hazel newspaper Bingo

Go to and play this bingo game!
When completing each box, make a short note that describes the item.
A sports or arts article

A 19.4m has been detected south of new zealand.

A word you don’t know and have to guess its meaning


In a way to expresses
A story you think is important

How to make a fidget spinner
An article that made you laugh

100 year old twins

A national story

An article that has something to do with the government

An article with a cool picture
An article from the world section
An article for the odd stuff section

An interesting word

An article you think is interesting
An article about an animal
The best first sentence

An article that would benefit from a graph or chart and why?

An article written by a student
An article about a famous person

Attribution: Kiwi Kids News Worksheet @

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Help! I'm stuck on an island

Help! I'm stuck on an island! - Narrative
Walt: Write a creative story that will capture an audience Walt: Write about yourself in third person

In the middle of the ocean there was  a big cruise ship. there was 1000 people on the big cruise ship.there were three teachers their name were Miss Scanlan,Mr Goodwin and Miss Parrant.They were having  fun they played Golf,Tennis and one thing Mr Goodwin was  very good at golf.The captain told us that we are  heading toward a big fog. But the cruise ship crash! into the rock  everyone was ok but the three teacher fell off the cruise ship but they survived they were stuck on a island  but they have been lost.It was up to them to survive the island.They were trying to find food but they fine banana’s but there were only two they had a weird face.They want to survive the island they share the banana’s.They invent  a fishing rod  it was  a stick,flax’s and a little stick for the hook.

By the time when it was sundown one  teacher had a wonderful plan.It was Miss Scanlan that had the wonderful idea.Miss Parrant and Mr Goodwin listen to Miss Scanlan.Miss scanlan plan was great they got the stuff the stuff was sticks for the bottom,leaves for the sail, the stuff that Miss Scanlan told them to get.Miss Scanlan plan was a boat they work on the boat for days and weeks until they were  finished  the boat they had test the boat for a 7 days but the last day when sunrise they were dying for thirsty the last food were banana’s but they were all gone they forget about eat and they start sailing across the great sea to get to back to New Zealand and the three teachers Told their class about the  crazy Story they had.