Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Fever = create task

This week I have been doing this  week reading task.About fever.And for my create task is a story broad. This story broad is about  two girls one is a human and one is not.Carly is the name of her.She was feeling sick and not well.And the ghost need to share her secret with her.


Octopus + fever

Friday, 9 August 2019

do alien exist ?

Rendered Image

Do Aliens Exist?

What is an alien? An alien is a being from another planet. Some people believe that aliens

exist while others don’t.Scientists are trying to discover whether aliens could exist by


new planets. They are currently trying to find a planet that is similar to Earth.

This essay is going to explain why aliens don’t exist.


Aliens don’t exist. Even if they do exist scientists would be studying about them and travel to

outer space to find more about them. How would we know that Aliens exist? Will an alien

spaceship show up and tell us a speech about us being an alien as well. For example:

If Aliens do exist and show up looking like a version of us. It will be confusing to know

which is which person. 

 The connection is Impossible! 

People think that there are aliens in outer space. They think there is a way to connect to them

if they do exist. Well, guess what it’s IMPOSSIBLE. How is it impossible to connect if aliens

do exist? The connection is hard, What happens if aliens live far far away from the galaxy

if they exist. But if it is the future and if the future has better technology it might or might

 not work with better technology to connect further.

Origin of Life

This essay will evolve the origin of life. Why? Cause some say that you never know if there

is another life on other planets. If there is life on other planets that haven’t been yet

discovered might rule other planets. Nobody knows what’s out there. As we know

everyone plus the animals. Everyone living things was little Organism AKA cells.

But what scientists didn’t know if there is life on other planets.


Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Tuesday, 30 July 2019


This weeks reading task is about science fiction.Which can also be  notice as sci-fi. The slides that you are about to see is writed  answers.There is an link to the book.What the story is about is five kids is in a bunker.They were in that bunker for 2 weeks.  DID they live OR  Did they  left the bunker to find help. You find out  by clicking  Bernard Beckett  name it's shaded blue.

Friday, 26 July 2019

The tree of life

This is the tree of life.we learnt that 1835 Charles Darwin discover that all   living things are connected . Animal  change over million of years.So they  can  survive  for a long time. The tree of life started at the bottom to the top.

Monday, 22 July 2019

What is science?

What the picture reflect is  What is science?

 These are my Ideas that reflected this picture:

 1. Science discover what happen after life.
2.scientist  collect data from the result they get.
3. I think scientist goes over the world discovering about  the chemical s
that been input some  where not safe. is where to  experiments what or where  it is happening.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Around the world -Scratch

For my scratch-I had to show you around the world.I'll be showing you 3 places around 3 continents.This Term topic is about longitude and latitude.

I use lots of  coding into my scratch.I'm sorry i didn't do any voice recording.But I hope you can read the follow information.Maybe next time i'll do better.I hope you enjoy

Word - fractions

School holidays

       Do Kids need More                 Holidays
Kids usually feel bored at school, they can’t wait for the
school holidays. Kids wish they have 6  weeks of holidays
which they will bet that they will not learn anything educational.
If school holidays go for 6 weeks there won’t be enough school education.

School is over
The school holiday goes for 2 weeks,
that’s a perfect time to spend quality time with your family.
It's time to spend a happy holiday with your family over traveling to another
country.2 Weeks of the holidays are enough
kids need to go to school to top up their education.

Break time
School holidays are a time to have a break from learning.
Kids deserve to have longer holidays.
Usually, kids want to sleep, eat, games, chores spend family time.
But mostly holidays help them to forces more about
what should they do more next time when school starts.

That is what  holidays there for

Holidays are a fun time to get away from school.
It helps us to rest from all thoughts learning.
Even though the holidays are to do chores for your parents it’
s time to rest and have fun for the whole holiday weeks.

The school holidays are awesome. When the kids are ready to go back to school they’ll refresh back to learning mode. And they are now ready to learn.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019


Today Rm4 is trying out Asia food.We are trying some Korean food, so the whole class is trying out this kimchi.The kimchi  tastes  spicy and it has a sweet taste with an unsuspected  smell The look of the Kimchi looks like onion but it is cabbage.

The next food is Pad Thai from Thailand, It's tastes good, really yummy and good.The looks of the noodles  is like pasta.It's real good when you look at it.It will make you blind.The smell,Wow it smells so nice, the smell makes me want more.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019


Today in the afternoon RM 4 is trying out Empanada,They are a dish from Argentina North America.

LOOK: The look of the Empanada has a golden look.It's been looking like a sausage roll.And that it is shaped like a triangle and a dumplings.

SMELL: This Empanada has a nice sense of smell.The smell shows an effect of delicious.

Taste: The Empanada is sweet but Then when you hold to taste.It  turns out to be a little spicy

The river

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Rm4 taste European food.

Today in Room 4 home class we tried some European food. Room 4 had been learning about Europe, so our teacher Mrs Stone showed us a video about this food.We learnt about how olive oil is made. After the videos, we got to taste some European food like olives,Cheese and bread that had olive oil on it.
Then after that we ate pan Au chocolat. It tastes really good, its bread with chocolate.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019


                 What is a information report?
In a information report theirs facts,Facts show's information about the subject that the reader is reading.also in information reports there is always tittles.tittles is needed so the reader could see the  writing of the information.This is the most important  for an information report,Their is always pictures for an information report.So the reader will know more about this information  then reading just the writing.

Friday, 31 May 2019

Word problems

Where in the longitude are you?


My writing Plan

Intro:  the world was happy and nice and mature.

Problem: Then big gas came from a rock that hit
earth 15 million years ago before the dinosaurs  came to an end.

Solution : the world needed to learn to be mature.
So it takes 15000 years to learn to be mature then being crazy.

In Room 4 literacy.Room 4 have to write a plan for our narrative writing.
This is my planning out for my writing that I post "
The day everything changed.This is how I plan my story.

The Day everything changed

And way back what happen…..

It begins with a  wonderful and mature world.Where everyone was
Happy and nice plus mature as well.Everyone will get along with each other  like
“ Hello,I like your shirt”.When anyone is feeling stress some one will tag them
with a helping need.

Everyone was born with happiness and  nice even mature.
Till one day everything will not be the same,Everything and
everyone will change.Till that day will come.It is coming.15 years now, later that
day in the afternoon.Two families was about to have a picnic on a
beach call watchy’allcall beach.It sounds funny but you’ll get a good view
of the whole ocean.That’s why the beach is call watch y'all call.
One little boy found a rock with a fossil on top.That little boy’s parents came and
told him “Don’t touch that” Said the little boy.

Then the little boy touch the rock.And then  out rising gas coming out from
the rock. Spreading toxic gas to the world.Then Everyone was Crazy and
the world.The Ocean was going upside down dripping from above.every
one turn to craziness.Animals eating human BEANS (people looks like beans).

Friday, 24 May 2019

Problem solving

Crazy World

The  weather was Crazy. So crazy you’ll be swept away by a Bus and
you’ll never be seen again.This part will get so Crazy you’ll go nuts.
Everything in sight  is Crazy,People goes Crazy,Animals eating human beans.
This Story will blow your mind, your dog will do a crazy backflip
when your not even looking.This  story is about crazy things.


There’s More…..    

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Create Task

This week for my create Task.I deiced to do Fact's about Brando yelavich aka Wild Boy.This is part of my reading task for this week.So this is  my final create task for this week.Don't forget to leave a comment.


Wednesday, 22 May 2019

DIMC-Maths Starz or pepsi

Mr wiseman bought a selection of drinks from pak n save to sell at pt england garage sale.The 6 pack  of pepsi were on special for $3 per pack and the 24 pack of starz were at the mormal retail price of $9.60 per pack.

At the garage sale each can of pepsi and each bottle of starz were sold for $2.When sold individually which drink produced the greatest profit when sold?

Today Room 5's math group had to do DIMC.Each week our teacher picks which norm should we all focus on.We focus on Actively listening,It will help us to listen to each other.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Year 8 leadership Camp

Last week the Year 8's  went to  a leader ship camp for 3 days.All of the year 8's were excited to be going to camp,Some of them were  not excited.When the year 8's are gone to camp the year 7's can leader the school.

It takes a long time to  get to  kauaeranga valley christian camp.The bus trip takes 1 hour and 30 mins,Some of us slept cause it takes long to get there,The place was held  near Thames which was not that far.

My highlight: was the go cart's. it was my first time riding  the go cart.It was all of the year 8's first time riding  the Go Cart.The girls  in my group was   too scare going  first for every stations.When  I sat down on the go cart  I froze.But At less I  try.

My other highlight is the paintball.It's really  painful  if you go close to the person who is about to get you.But it's really fun  though, It was  girl's Vs Boy's there were non even group so Sam jump in the girls team.We won by 4 - 2.

It was fun going to the leadership.All of the year 8's  came back safe and happy.ready to be leaders.

Pictures coming soon....

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Tech - Cottage Pie

For this week's cooking is cottage pie.Feel free to make This at home just need the things you need.


3 Potato
1 pot
1 masher
1 peeler
1 mince
1 onion
1 Teaspoon of Garlic and ginger

Step 1 - Peel the potato's and boil until it is soft
- ( when it's soft  get the masher and mash the potatos

step 2 - Fry the  mince with vegetables
- put the mince into the tin foil pie bowl
top up with cheese and the potato.

- bake for 15 minutes 180o c

step 3 - Clean up

You could make this at home feel free to make this.

Here is me and my cooking teacher's cottage pie

Geometry - orientation

Friday, 3 May 2019

Map of New Zealand

WALT: use compare directions to describe Location

This Term our inquiry focus is I like your latitude.We learnt about the compass directions. We had to look at the map of New Zealand and compare different places using the compass directions. For Example: New zealand has two islands.And The first island is the north island of new zealand.And the second island is the south.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Little Red Riding Hood...

Little Red Riding Hood...
WALT: follow the structure of a narrative

Once a upon….
Around Town a little girl skipping all the way to the bakery.
Getting Warm bread for her grandma.The little Girl’s  name is Little Red riding.
She was ordering warm bread for her wonderful grandma which she is sick.
She pick out the warm bread and drop it off to the counterThe person who
own this bakery started to greet little red “ Hello there red pick
some warm bread for your sick grandma”. “ Yes she’s feeling a
bit sick today so I might want to help her get better”.Then off she goes
 to her grandma’s house.

Skipping towards and through the woods.Little red riding hood  
is feeling really hungry right now,Little red’s nose smell the wonderful warm bread.
She couldn’t take another whiff of that warm bread.Poor little red riding hood
trip and fell on a rock,all of that warm bread wasted and fell into the river.
What is little red riding hood going to do.Will she replace the bread with rocks
or make it  to grandma house and spotted a strange thing in the woods.

To Be Continue…..   

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Tech- Potato Salad with Ham and Egg

In cooking Class  Me And Ms Timmi  made Potato salad with extra things.Like Ham and Egg.

If you want to make This at home feel free.You just need the things you need.
or make it yourself if you feel hungry

What you need:
4 Potatos
1 carrot
2 eggs
5 slice ham
1 bowl
1 pot
1 peeler

Let get into the Steps

Step 1 - Boil the water ( Put water into the pot *Reminder)

Step 2 - Peel  the potatoes and  [and slice into square pieces ] 
( Not small squares big squares if you know what I mean * another Reminder)

Step 3- Boil the potatoes until it's soft,( Even boil the eggs at the same time * Reminder)

Step 4 -  Dice  the ham

Step 5  - drain the potatoes,[mix together with the ham]
( When you see the egg crack that means it's cook,so take the two eggs out and peel the  shell  till you see a perfect white egg* Reminder)

step 6  Cut the egg   into small strips

Step 7 - I forgot about the Carrot)- Peel the carrot if you finish peeling the carrot( Use the grater to grate the carrot.

THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP -  grab your bowl and put your potatoes,Ham,and Egg  and also the carrot into the bowl.( Don't forget to mix all together  and add  mayo and salt.

Final Step- Serve your perfect dish to someone you made it for.

Here's my and Ms Timmi Potatoe salad with ham and Egg

It Tasted nice.....

Try this Out it's really Fun to make.

Monday, 29 April 2019

Introduction to Narratives

Today for literacy Room 4 had to think of what goes with a narrtive story.And Some of the ideas were great.Then we  have to  go in our normal groups.To write down what goes with a narrtive story.These are our ideas of a narrtive story.

Immersion Assembly

This Term's topic is  "I like your latitude ".The whole school had a Immersion Assembly.To start assembly,our role models the prefects,Well only two prefects had to say the  Mihi and karakia.When the prefect's finish saying the Mihi and the karakia.Our principle Mr Burt show the whole school about Latitude and longitude.Team ones item  is about how the bees are dieing,And the teachers of team 1 made a great aim for the smaller kids.and a Great job.

Team twos item is about treasure hunt and maps.They made a Good video of what they did to find easter eggs around their class rooms.Team two's item  is  a good aim for the smaller kids.It was a great video to watch how the kids tell us what they need to do to find  the eggs.
My highlight was Team five.They  Show a great perform It was a great acting.They have nice cloth and great aim for small kids and big kids. 

Can't wait for next term......

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Special Guest

Special Guest.....

Today Team 5 Had  3 lucky people.Who had great careers,Cause Team 5 has been learning about our Malaga.Our careers.One man name Jason Young had talk to us about his job,and what he does.He join Iron man.He explain what is  iron man.I Thought it was a type of job,But it was  a bit the same,

Jason  participate in iron man which is a Marathon,It's only for adults.He talk to us about how life can be hard.But need to follow your goal.An other guest is a wonderful woman,Which is a actor and a funeral director.Have you ever heard a channel call casketeers.
Her Life story is if you want to be a funeral director.They have to work for 24 hour.When kids are sleeping that time.Lucky last is a true Samon.Tanielu tele'a.He's a rubgy player.Tanielu came to PES before.Did Penn too.
He plays for the Blues and had fun talking to us.


                                    There was once a fish
Who did the dishes
Then got stuck in the drain
And could never been seen again.

Monday, 8 April 2019

Face mask

This week in literacy,We have been discussing our identity and how we express our identity to others.We realized that some aspects of our identity are more obvious than others.We also discussed how we show different parts of our identities. On one side of my mask it shows that I like cats and I think their cool. Even dogs are cool too.

On the other side I had to show what people think when they first meet me. When people first meet me they think i'm shy because they just met me for the first time. But when people get to know me a little bit they think i'm weird, and then they think that I am funny.

Little red riding hood and the wolf

Friday, 29 March 2019

Attuiude talk with jannah

Team 5  had an attitude talk  with  jannah.Which she was here last year talking with us girls.And now she here to talk about Friendship.She show tips about friendship.And Myths about  friendships.First she told us that girls talk 12,000 times and boys talk about 6,000.Well girls always talk too much.Jannah Tells us lots of funny jokes.Jannah was pretty cool.It was really fun with jannah.Friendship is cool.

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Cookie dough bites


WALT: Consider how our words, line length and rhythm affect our writing

3 words:  smooth,melting, dough

5 words: I ate cookie dough bite

3 words: round,sweet ,soft

5 words: Love for cookie dough bite

For literacy Room 4 had to write  3 words and 5 words  about the food That each group had.Seuss  had cookie dough which taste nice.It was smooth and soft.

Monday, 25 March 2019

The Pink Umbrella

WALT: Make connections between our prior knowledge and the text

Room 4 literacy Seuss Has been reading The Pink Umbrella.In the group we had chats about the book.Click here to read the story Call THE PINK UMBRELLA.And leave a comment if there is any thing I left out.

Friday, 15 March 2019

My Highlight of PolyFest

My Summary:The best part of Polyfest was watching Jozlo and Ana dancing they had some groove in them! Then Mrs stone shouted us some watermelon ice cream which was my first time ever having Watermelon ice cream.We all had the best time at Polyfest! Some of the prices of the food stands were over the price of $ 5, which was how much we were allowed to spend and it made me angry.

The best Part  was Silent Disco,I nearly hit Mrs stone ‘s head dancing! We got to go to the kapa haka stage, Bethan got to have a prize from the lady from maori television.SO LUCKY!!!!!.

Overall it was the best day I ever had and I loved the icecream!

Tuesday, 12 March 2019


For Tech We made Firtata and kumra.YUM !!!!!!.

Friday, 8 March 2019

My Career Malaga

This term Team 5 have been doing  a Career Shield.There's  two type of dream career  I would like to be.A driver tutor and other's too.aMy career's are  hard trying to get in and fit in too.So here's my Shield.

Circle Of Flames - Speed write

This represent  a circle of flame.The Flame is rising from the roof or the kitchen .Maybe the man 's reaction had turn out freaked and worry.The Man might be cooking dinner and left the oven on or the strove. And he might be in the bathroom doing his hair or  dancing to the mirror and singing.Then he smell  smoke and it turn out the  room is  on fire.The flames of the rising fire is in a circle.The reaction of his face was horrify.

Friday, 1 March 2019

My create task

This week Room4 literary Dr seuss my group has to  do a create task here is a link to my Create task. too see cleaerly.

Friday, 22 February 2019

Happy new year

WALT: make predictions about a text

For my literacy   task is to  write  what is the main character's is feeling. so I  wrote  what they are feeling.

My word art

WALT:define What makes an active learner

In Room 4 Literacy We have to write down word of what makes a good learner then we had to
turn the words into a word cloud by using a website called word 

Thursday, 21 February 2019

My Visual Mihi

For my DLO I have to draw my Visual mihi.These are all my favouite things I watch youtube,Go to church,I'm cookisland and I love cricket and basket ball. And finally myself.I hope you  leave a comment.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

What makes a good piecec of writing

WALT:Identifly what makes a good piece of writing

This is what Room4 think make a good piece of writing

Tuesday, 12 February 2019


Today The Y8's did cooking for the first time YES.I thought it was going  to be easy  but it was hard.The reason why  is that cause I don't know how to make pancakes this is my first time,really first time.I had a great time making  pancakes.The hard part is turning the pancake over well the pancake  wasn't burnt.

Saturday, 2 February 2019

A BIG apologizes

Hello my viwers a BIG apologizes to all and even to Rachel  and her team.I haven't  post anything for the past days  and weeks even last year.And if you are wonder why I'm posting this on something it's my new phone.and maybe next time I'll do a better job next time.see you all on a school day.have a nice day.