Wednesday, 5 December 2018

My Art

For this topic is Te wai toi.Today I did art  I made an angel it really doesn't  look like one but I still like.It stand for full of  love memory and kindness this is  for my grand dad cause he was nice to me,love me and kind to me and It also stand for that he's an angel cause he goes to church and full of those's not perfect but I think he will like it.

Fire in Rm 4

Have you  seen a light up tea bag before?Well in my class my teacher Mrs stone and our class mate terry had done a light up tea bag.I thought they were going to set fire in the building,But they didn't. So what's solid? solid is a hard thing for example: ICE,Ice has  atom what is atom? atom are small things around us.So to switch to water into steam is by heat and energy.Solid only has small amount of energy.What about water? Water has the same atom but diffident amount of energy,The atom has  some space  to move around.Lucky last is gas,gas atom is very free they can go every where.

When we set the teabag on fire it flew up into the air. This happened because the air inside the teabag heated up and the atoms got more energy so they wanted to spread out more. The air of the tea bag was hotter  from the inside and the  air of  the out side  is not hot it kinda feels warm and has less energy.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

BEDMAS challenge

Task description: So for my math class task is BEDMAS what does BEDMAS stand for? It stand for Brackets,Exponents,Divide,Multiply,Add and subtract.Won't you see if you can do BEDMAS,LEAVE A COMMENT

Wednesday, 28 November 2018


Task description: So for my math class task is BEDMAS what does BEDMAS stand for? It stand for Brackets,Exponents,Divide,Multiply,Add and subtract.Read my work and leave a comment.

Monday, 26 November 2018


Task description: For my reading task is about this girl she wanted a phone and she think that she was the only one who had no phone.Then everything changes she made a new friend her name is ME ME.Read the  text  to find out and don't forget to read my writing.Leave a comment. : )

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

State housing New Zealand

Task description: For my learning is state housing.This is my task it's about how mix the maori and pakhea have live in state houses read more of my answers and if you want to read the story click the top that say state housing New Zealnad.Leave A  comment : )

State housing NZ

Task description: For our learning in Room 4 literacy  for week 5 is state housing.In my reading  and  my task is  to do is pick a photo to fit to 1950's and 2017.Leave a comment : )

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Free writing - A strange Letter

E1 - A strange letter

One nightly night I was about to go outside to get the mail but the mail was at the front of my door I only had one letter.
When I went inside it look like an old letter.The letter said to Alisa from Danni.I really want  to read it so I did.
Wait that’s it,I think this address use to be this person “ Alisa”.Maybe there’s more but I need to find this person.
So I went  to the library to check out the Cp I type up this alisa.It show up a popular woman like a singer or someone.
I don’t know her last name till this librarben came.I said to her “ do know this letter or heard about it or maybe something”
her eyes was shock.
Cause it was Alisa,She look old maybe that letter was old.I had a little chat with her.
“ Oh I thought you were alisa I think I was wrong then Ok thanks anyway”
“ Wait dear if you are looking for this Alisa I heard about this letter you know,
There is a very long old house near St mary street”

“ Ok thanks for telling me” “ But wait there’s more Be careful with that house it overcome
a ghost house beware dear ok” “ sure”.
I didn’t want to die but I have no choice but to find this alisa at that  old house………...


E2 - It’s all ghostly

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Team 5 item

Today in the morning block team 5  did an item for our topic for this term theme move ya' body.What class do you think is going to win Rm 1,2,3,4 or 5.I think rm 4 won even though it's my class.So for rm 4 we did a line dance of footloose.Leave a comment : )

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

The Game

Task description:In my  reading is a game called dart but is  dart is a game.Matt is this boy who played dart but he was pale when he lift his helmet off his he.Read my answers  if theirs mistake leave comment.

How to look after your body?

Intro: What do we need for our body's?In our bodys we need to be in  healthy diet like eating veggies and fruits.It’s always good to look after your body cause there can be cautions to your body reactions.

What do we need to have a healthy diet?We need to have a healthy  balanced diet to be fit and strong.We also can feed to our natural  bodies is nutrients and vitamins,these help us to stay in a healthy condition .Our natural bodies doesn’t need junk cause it can cause badly cautions to our bodies.

Why do we to exercise?Everyone needs to stay fit because it helps your brain to stay happy.And the other type of the brain thing is call hormone.We can lose weight by doing this but doing some runs though.People train to turn fit too and they get muscles as well,people can be flexible,In indian they do yoga to be flexibles .

Why do we sleep for?everyone needs to sleeps so when they wake up they don’t feel like they want to go back to sleep.Sleeps helps to focus  towards what your doing ,so when you don’t sleep you’ll have a brain function .How many hours of sleep?well for adults they need to sleep for 7 hours or 9 hours but for kids  and teens they sleep even more hours.

Is water useful?Yes water is life,water really helps us to stay hydrated  cause water keeps us alive.Plus water keeps us focus and to concentrate with our work,how many percent do we need for our bodies?for people like us we have 73 % water in our bodies.

What are some use of looking after our bodies?It’s important to stay healthy and fit.Everyone needs water though it helps  to contrate with learning.People like to stay fit and be flexibles and hydrated.You can do yoga as well just like india they do  yoga to keep them calm.

Task description: In my piece of writing is about how to look after your body?Everyone can  be healthy and fit in the future.Everyone like to run ,but to stay in a healthy balance diet is to eat the right food like fruits and veggies.don't forget to leave a comment : )

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Math Whizz

In Maths whizz this is my favourite exericse it's called deimals Iknow it's like fractions but it's not.I supposed to do this in 2016 but too boring to do.So i'm doing this as a task for my maths .Leave a comment : )

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Predators or native

I strongly agree that  predators most like rabbits , cats,ferret and possum should have respect :).The reason so even though their fine but we  treat predators the way they are.But not letting them taking a native animal,just giving  facts that there are over  more possums like 30 millions just giving facts.Some people have disagree to respect cause they want to get rid of them in 2050.But I agree to just leave respect for them not letting them to kill native like just treat them respect.

Monday, 10 September 2018

What could go wrong in 2048

This is my view what will NZ look like in the future,like in 2048?you never know what is 2048 looks like.Maybe they’ll start the past again and turn over like slavery and other bad things.

What could go wrong?It will happen and start with the environment,the environment has lots of cautions.It will never turn out good,there will be a drought and everyone will be trusting.Or maybe pollutions they can weck our grass and trees that can count to no trees maybe other bad habits.

 This could be a bad view of it? This can go wrong,there’s bad habits as well- .Slavery can start over again do you like slavery to start? If not good,you never know that your view will be run by gangsters even your house is over taking by them.There might be a global warming cause of all of this mess or might be a flood,it can over take your country maybe.

 Let’s take a view at the happy future?well the happy future is so clean,there will be hover cars,bikes and motors.What about robots?you might have robots as slaves that can clean for you or maybe a robot teacher that can teach you everything. We might have a new government that can treat us right better than DT l: ).

 How is it we can do ? for the environment we can be a tidy kiwi if we want a nice positive future we need to treat the environment right to have a positive future.So what will you think what is 2048 is going to be?.It might be cool to have hover bikes.And that we will have no start of slavery or gangs,we will even never start slavery why would we.

 So if you have a view like 2048 you can think about what will happen in 2048.Have a think maybe you might have gangs in your view of 2048.Maybe not or kinda,or the positive future is to have a free rage gangs that means no gangs at all.So have a think about 2048 what could go wrong.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Martin Luther King.Jr

This is about the  an up stander that try to stop violent.His name is martin luther king.Watch this video and Leave a comment..

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Perfect healthy sandwich



  •  Bread ( 2 slices )
  • 1 teaspoon Butter
  • 2  teaspoon Mayo ( don't add too much mayo ) 
  •   2 pieces of lettuce
  • 2 slices of Tomato 
  •  3 slices of  cucumber
  •  1 tablespoon of tuna

  1. First you need the bread. Put two slices of bread on a plate and you should now add the
butter by spending nice and slow

  1. .Don’t forget the mayo! Add 2 teaspoons of mayo as well.

  1. Add the 2 lettuce pieces on the bread. Make sure their together.

  1. Now you add the 2 slices of  tomato you put the 2 slice tomato on top of the lettuces.
  2. Add the 3 slice of cucumber on top of the tomato pick the spot wisely.

  1. you need 1 spoon of tuna spend if you need too.

  1. Now the final part the top of the bread.

There you have a perfect healthy sandwich

Monday, 6 August 2018

Kapa Haka 2013

Since 2013 it was april the 1st and I was 6 years old  I was in room 6.Things change over the past years but this is important because I like to remember the past so I like to write  this story so this is the start.

I was in Ms She  classroom 6 It was time to pick our  group for fiafia I was so confuse what kids was doing.You know that kids like 6 years old  gets confused so that’s me I got confused “ Hazel Come and get a paper to put down your  Fiafia choice” I follow the other kids getting a paper  I ask one of my friends Lucy I ask “where do you get your paper”  she said over there by the table.

Soon I got a paper to put down my group for Fiafia  I made a wise choice I pick kapa haka.It was my First choice   kapa haka and my 2nd choice was niue and my last choice was cook island Ok ok I most forgot my choices but I knew kapa haka was one of my choice.I really  got confuse.It was pack up time sitting down on the mat sitting up ready to go home.When my mum pick me up I told her about fia fia this is the words i said to my mum “ Mum  I do faifai

Now it was the 2nd of april the choice that was decided for me was kapa haka.It’s really good to be in kapa haka.Our maori teacher is Ms Tito,I was excited to be in kapa haka but  since i went in the class.When we begin the warm up I think it was the ele the maori ele thing.

After the days I just don’t want  you viewers so bored so I’ll skip  the days.It was the last day before the big fia fia just the last day of class.My mum and dad pick me up,It was 5: 45 pm time to go school to change but I was at home still.My parents drop me and my sister and brother too I wasn’t the only one at school.I was at my change room really to perform on stage Ms tito remind us to smile so bright.   

The best part is going up on the  stage.Soon as I went up the stage It felt like heaven well not pass on you know what I mean.And my favourite part when I was confuse on the stage. You Can't see me but i'm there.

Friday, 27 July 2018

P,H,E Sustaining Ourselves: Hauora

Milky Way

History of Milky way:
Since 1923 a  man Frank C was first man to make  milky way.The name of the milky way  taste has taken form from famed malted milk drink
.The name was name after the earth's galaxy milky way.

The smell of the milky way smell like milk it has a wonderful smell.The look is When you open the chocolate it show you something inside the chocolate.
It has caramel flavor and chocolate down the bottom.It’s cover by chocolate milk and in front of the pack it show you the caramel.
The taste it’s so wonderful it taste like a mixed of the flavors  caramel and chocolate.When you start to feel to put it in your mouth you start to feel to have more the milky way gets into your teeths and when the milky way start to dissolve in your teeth or less melt.

The time  you put that chocolate in your mouth you start to feel more beg for more.
The real reason to beg for more is the looking you have to look at the pack first before you open the rapper you need to smell the chocolate.
I will bet you will just eat it instead of smelling it.

Monday, 2 July 2018


Today is team 5’s inquiry expo
And we had inquiry groups that we having been working in for a few weeks on project. In our group we had me (hilary) and me ( hazel) eva and pilinilose but only me and hazel did mostly all the work well they were playing around during class. In our inquiry class We were all supposed to have a project our project was gonna be a poster but hilary insisted to make a movie about isaac newton so we made one but our project was a fail kind of i actually wasn’t really that much of a fail

So when me and hilary and the others decided to make a movie we made a movie of  Isaac newton's laws his main 3 laws.We made lots of mistake but I was not in the movie  much.It’s really a good movie and exactly.

We did some following task and mistakes it took time doing work a lot of time.But we manage to finish but something went wrong the computer didn’t work so  we have try to do our movie on another computer.

We have made success on our movie,we put so much hard work on to it  but
It couldn’t because the imac couldn’t work properly so it couldn’t upload
We were a bit disappointed

But Next time we will do something else like  a water balloon and it will blow up but it will splash everywhere but I think it’s going to work .I will give a clue : It have  something you push so hard that’s your clue for next time .

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

The Abandoned School

           The Abandoned School
On a sunny day with a few showers of raindrops.Everybody at  Tamaki primary was talking about the
“ The Abandoned School”. everybody was just doing their work.A student was thinking about going there
after school two people agree to go with him.It was the time to go home but the three students was at
“ The Abandoned School” their were a mist coming this way towards them.

They jump over the gate,they have  pack them self supplies that they need.They have a made a
grave ( It means bad) mistake they enter to the school it was misty inside the school.
The other student left the group exploring the school,he shouted the noise went across the hall.
They saw someone walking up the hallway the lights was turning off and on,they have to frantically run
but they got caught and drag them along  the hallway and never been seen again.
The End

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Hazel T1W8 - PS4 word problem

WALT: I illustrate how we solved each problem.

T1W6 word problem9

 WALT: I illustrate how we solved each problem.

Hazel Because I Said So?

  I think we should be mix cause you never know.That the boys will charge and not cause trouble or drama and be cheeky to each other because it’s wrong to treat girls like a boy cause that is not how it work you treat girls like a sister.And if the boys ask for help nicely we will help them with their work and learn to share in school and know a lot about them about learning and favourite things about school.

Hazel Why do we still need libraries

Why do we still need libraries?

Libraries have been around for 5,000 years and they are still serving the community today. While many are starting to question the usefulness of libraries as internet access increases around the world, the library is still an important community resource. Libraries contain information that helps a number of different people, they host educational classes and they are good for the environment.

Libraries contain information that is extremely helpful. They contain masses of books, articles, media and even e-books that the public can access for free. While some of this information can be found online, librarians are experts at finding information and the right books and articles. For example, librarians help doctors to find books about different diseases so that they can save lives. The library has so many books you are guaranteed to find one that suits your needs and the librarians will be there to help you to find it efficiently.

Libraries serve the community. Libraries do whatever they can to support different members of the community. For example, they provide free read-aloud sessions for young children and a range of classes for adults like computing and support for job applications. This means that libraries are helpful for all members of the community; from babies to the elderly. The library is still a great place to enjoy a book, but it provides so much more for the community than many people realise.

Libraries are good for the environment. This is because they purchase a limited number of items that many people can share. For example, people can borrow DVDs, magazines, and books rather than every person having to buy his or her own copy. Likewise, people can use shared computers, photocopiers, and even meeting rooms. This reduces the amount of waste that these people would create if they brought their own. It also promotes the idea of reusing or reselling items rather than throwing them away. As such, the library is a great example of an environmentally friendly establishment.

In conclusion, the library is a community hub that supports a range of people young and old. The library supports people to access information, to attend educational classes and promotes environmentally friendly practices such as reuse, reduce, recycle.

Should we even need uniforms ?

I believe that school uniform is good for schools.  people will know what school we are in when they see our uniform .And the parents will buy the uniform from the school that the parents have decided But some have higher price that still good for the kids to been in.Because the students need uniforms to representing our school.Uniforms are there to representing your school to show the way of your school.The uniform are not there for other outside things like going shopping or eating over it or maybe painting.And the uniforms are for your teacher to find you so that can call you to come over if you were not wearing your uniform you will be left behind alone.


Eva,Apii,Hazel T1W9 - Footlocker Shoes

WALT: I illustrate how we solved each problem.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

My Role Models

Today Rm 4 writing reading we did a presentation about our Role Model.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Hazel Word Problem

WALT: I illustrate how we solved each problem.

Chocolate Challenge: PICNIC!

We are learning to justify our ideas.

Picnic is the healthiest chocolate in the world. Picnic is a type of chocolate bar consisting of milk chocolate and peanuts covering chewy nougat caramel biscuit and puffed rice. Picnic bars are lumpy in shape and they have the least amount of sugar! It is a healthy bar and will save you from having diabetes.

It's the only Bar that has peanuts in it!
Picnic is the only bar with healthy  peanuts. That's why Picnic is the best. It has less fat Picnic is the best because its a bar with rice krispies and it has lots of different ingredients 

Picnic has a popular slogan, released in the early 2000s, was "Deliciously ugly". During the 1970s the Australian slogan for Picnic was "More like a banquet than a picnic". Picnic is manufactured by Cadbury UK

Our competition
On the outside of a Moro bar it has hard chocolate but in the inside of the bar it is soft with caramel and it is made in New zealand and also Australia. We will stop people from buying moro by telling them they have a lot of fat and sugar. 

Crunchy is my least favorite because it is the hard and it has lots of chocolate and I think it's the less healthiest on this list

Friday, 6 April 2018

Bok Choy

This is a story of a old man who sell Bok Choy that is the main story,read though and leave a comment.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Bok Choy

Bok choy is a type of veg and is very good to eat have you made Bok Choy with

Gralice.It’s very surprising.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Attitude Presentation

Did you know that you are something else? like a Otter or a Loin or a Golden Retriever or might be a Beaver.It like your like them but they are something else.

  • Otter: An Entertainer funny/class clown but get bored easily

  • Loin:Director Positive leaders negative; can be bossy,all about their way.  

  • Golden retriever:Peace maker,Caring negative can’t say “no

  • Beaver:Facilitator positive:Get things done! Negative; Don’t know how to balance fun life + work

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

What is Responsibility

What  is Responsibility

Responsibility is like looking after your body.For Example: If something came out of your mouth and you didn’t mean to say it it’s your responsibility for yourself and take risk.Responsibility is a lot to take like your  chromebook is a lot to take it is your responsibility to put it back where it belong.

Why does students watch movies in class

Why does students  watch movies in class

All students watch movies to learn knowledge and gain their education.Students watch clips of movies to get information what are the characters are doing and telling them what it is all about.For example,Students want to learn around the world so their teacher decide to pick a movie for them to watch.Movies  are there to learn different knowle

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Hazel What a load of rubbish!

Task Description:Room 4 Literacy have been learning about waste wise what does WasteWise mean.Read thought and watch thought comment if it insping.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Rainbows End - Word Problem

This is how much to get in rainbow End you can go online cause online is cheaper and the gate way is not look thought and comment.

Monday, 19 February 2018

How to save Money? and Why do we need money?

WALT: follow the structure of an explanation                How to save money?/Why do we need money?
It’s  important   to save  money.You can save money in your bank account or in credit card and more how to save money.You can buy lots but what about your friends and families? there's great deal that’s not cheap but you want to save up there’s always your bank to add up your best deal you can buy your favourite deals you just need to add up.Need money to save and buy like Toys or Food and other things there's great deals to spend but be aware of the price.

Money is fun to spend but you need some money to save.Don’t just waste money on online you need your  money to buy extra foods.Why do we need money? We need money to buy power,foods,house,tech power and others to buy.You can sell stuff that you don’t  need it’s easy to fundraise for your family to go somewhere or buy extra foods and extra toys and furnitures.Don’t be wilde over money you just need to ask your parents very nice and wait for their answers it doesn’t matter what they say be grateful what you earn.

Friday, 16 February 2018

My Visual Mihi

This is my visual mihi.

Save Earth ( SE )

For our learning this man Stephen Hawking is telling us we should leave earth in 100 years time.This picture is earth and people  are yelling why should we leave here and why leaving.Comment if it's nice

Friday, 9 February 2018

Word Art About Active Learners

In my Literacy we were talking about   " Active Learners".I think being a active learner means taking risk ,Learn from there mistakes and Ask lots of questions.You can be an active learner by doing those nice ideas from our literacy class.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Welcome Back 2018

Hello again viewers and welcome back to 2018.I'ev started on art have you ever did art before? well here's my wonderful art.
And can't wait to post more fun stuff and sharing to you see you.

Friday, 26 January 2018

My Trip

It will have to be Scotland:

1. It look so amazing the clock town just look like 'Big Ben' at London

2.The phones is like in the 19's and it's styles as well.

3.It's like a mall to walk in and go shopping.

Jenny Shipley

Leading New Zealand
Week 3, Day 5 (Bonus Activity)

Name of Prime Minister: Jenny Shipley
Date of Birth: 4 Feb  1952

Political Party:
Number of Years as Prime Minister: 1997 - 1999
Three interesting facts about my chosen Prime Minister:
1.She was the first woman to hold the position, and is the only woman to have led the National Party.
2.  She served as the 36th Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1997 to 1999.
3. Dame Jenny also had praise and criticism for Mr Peters in recalling working with him in a coalition government.