Tuesday, 13 December 2016

My Final Blog Post for 2016

Final Blog Post for 2016
My favourite thing in this year is going to Motat.
Thank you viewers for reading and commenting on my blog.I will comment in 2017 to share more learning.
And merry ChristmasImage result for Sad face Gif

Hazel Soap report

Thursday, 8 December 2016


Hazel from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This movie is about the 3 main states of matter. there are solid.Liquid and Gas i Hope you enjoy my Movie

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Hazel and Esther ANIMAL RACING!

Animal Racing!

Walt: write a narrativeWalt: add detail to our introduction (setting and characters).
At Pt england  school we are going to have a  Animal Race at the Bottom  field  and Each student chose their own animal.
My animal is a Horse. They have fast legs to run and they can run away from crocodile they were trying to attack my

My friends pick their animal Esther animal  is a  horse too and it is fast. christina animal is a lion she is so fast
That she can beat Esther  and  hazel to the finish line.We start to the line Mr baxendine was holding a gun he shot a bullet up in the sky ‘’BOOM!” then we ran as fast as our animals legs could take us but the lion was too  fast  Esther and Hazel was trying to catch up to Christina but it was no choice we couldn’t make it.while ago Christina thought should she play pokemon go or keep going.But she decided to play pokemon go...after that she fell into deep sleep but Esther and Hazel were catching up to her.while Inga and Hazel were finishing off the race they saw Christina they slowly crept slowly past her. Esther said “ look we are nearby the finishing line yay let’s go” “ wait” said Hazel Esther stop.”Never look back” I told Esther we move are legs like a lion can go. Christina woke up she saw Hazel and Esther running to the finishing line christina can not make it so far Hazel and Esther have made it to the finishing line they cheer for there name “ Esther Hazel  and Christina” “What” said Christina “i did not win the race”

No we all win.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Hazel Crazy Motat Adventures

Crazy Motat Adventures
Walt: create a plan for our writing


On a  bit sunny day  on a Tuesday we are going on a trip to Motat i and Lucy,Esther ,Tepaia we  got  so confident that we are going to Motat.
Mrs Moala is coming and Miss Lavakula too.We have to meet in the hall and wait for the bus to arrive.

Mr baxendine  said that  Mrs baxendine is coming  with us but Mrs baxendine is meeting us at Motat so we wait for 1 hour it take for long for the bus  to arrive we still wait.The  bus  arrive and we arrive
At Motat for 1 hour we got  so glad that we arrive at Motat the teachers said “ you guys are now at  Motat behave like you are doing now and at school too and  don’t be naughty ”  “ and 3 things  don’t get lost and don’t run  and don’t  play around too”   said Mr Baxendine
Lucy was trying to fine me but i was hiding in the mirror maze but the
Night came but it was actually daylight but Lucy was so surprised that
the mirror maze was close she had no way to find me.When Lucy saw
Me and Esther Mr Baxendine and Mrs Baxendine said “ you are not showing some respect” Esther had a weird face she was
thinking of a plan she was trying to get lost in the village and lucy too.
Tepaia was just want to  go on the Tram ride but it  was long to get back I was worried that if they get lost that can be the end the bus will arrive 2:00 pm but i think that Tepaia is going to take long on the ride.
Lucy was going in  the gaming room and she is having a blast at the game Tepaia was thinking in her head “ do i think that i am going to arrive at Motat at 3:00 pm oh no i am”.I was going to find Esther
she waste her time in the Old school room.

I find Tepaia i got her out of the Tram ride and it was 1:45 pm we have to find Lucy and Esther before 2:00 pm Esther was in the theatre Esther
Said “ i saw Lucy in the gaming and she is going to the village so hurry’’.

Lucy was at the village i was there and she  ran in the gaming room but Esther  was there she caught Lucy and we were just in time we got in the bus and went to school.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Hazel Water,oil& soap Quiz

Trip to MOTAT

 We went to motat and went to fun places and visit this place and did cool thing and we can be
ex bird of  science.

 This when we did scifi tube and it can go through people electricity can go flow through people like wires.
 If you put the light on the three things it will shine bight.

Hazel Athletics Day 2016

Athletics Day 2016

WALT: group ideas into paragraphs
WALT: Write a recount.

On  a hot sunny day we don’t get to do work  we got  to go outside we had are P.E.S ATHLETICS outside  we had to be in our house colour .pt England was full of exciting things  they said in there heads “i am going to be the good person to win and  people are cheering my name".We get to have our athletics on the field lot’s of  different  sports.     

We start the discus who ever got the most win but Mr was looking  for who got the 6s  it was amelia and Jorelle they hit the 6s.The house colours names is  hine moana, hikianalia,hokulea,Te aurere.When the trumpet go we have to rotations.

Javelin is my best kind of sport i came  1th place and  Chastyti came  2nd and ana came 3nd
I throw as hard as i can  so as ana and chastyti too.The girls didn't throw as hard  as they could.
Dodgeball was  very easy i can’t stop being  out i told someone to hit daisy because she always
hit me with the ball all time. We don’t need to do silly work  and stay in class all time after  morning tea and lunch time too.

My favourite is going to play discus i got 6 out of 6 that was fun and we don’t need to work on are
Chromebooks  Athletics was fun no work no chromebooks.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Hazel Into the cave

Walt: write a narrativeWalt: use and write paragraphs, detailed sentences, juicy words, full stops, capital letters and correct spelling.

There was 3 brothers names are zac,dave,josh they want to go to the airport   to go to Brazil because the 3 brothers want to
Go in a cave to the way to  the rainforest to see the colourful birds.When they went in the Cave they went into a maze in the cave they got lost in the cave but 1 brother Said “did you know that i have seen this place before did you guys know that”“ no we don't” said zac and dave  “hey guys but i don’t like to get in your talk but we just got lost” Shouted josh.

When they keep talking  one of the brothers had step on a trap “ watch out” shouted zac and josh “see  that why you should stay with me i am the boss
Of you now got that” said Josh “ok” said zac and dave zac and dave follow
Josh “ that's the way” said josh  josh step on a trap  but he did not see that zac and dave was scared that josh is going to be hurt  but one of the  brothers
Got hurt on the leg because there was arrow coming from the wall josh did not
See that one of his brothers got hurt josh look back  he said “ oh no zac your

Leg it's hurt” said josh  josh and dave hold him and they find  the rainforest. And got   reason  by a airplane and got back home.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Hazel The little boat

One sunny day there was a man named max he was going to the river
To search for fish.When he went fishing he saw some of his friends
He said “hi guys do you want to come fishing with me” “ ok but we
Need to get out fishing food” ask max friends “ but why” replied max
“ we can’t tell you nothing” said max friends.
Then the Crocodile was attacking the boat then max was hitting the crocodile

The crocodile went away.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Hazel Olympic

Rendered ImageHi and welcome to the first time the i am talking about the Olympics.
i hope you like this.i just want to write a little.

Friday, 23 September 2016

End of the Team 3

Hi and goodbye to the readers that read my blog.
It was nice to see that people read my 
blog over the world.I am not blogging in the  holidays
2 weeks it for me to stop blogging. But this is my best one. 
Click this its my best

Drink A Cup of Life

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Hazel Problem Solving

Hazel Writing Narrative


Walt: write a narrativeWalt: use and write paragraphs, detailed sentences, juicy words, full stops, capital letters and correct spelling.
One sunny day there was a  man name Alex and his friends was  going on a trip.
His friends was making fun of him because he is scared in the kayaking under
the water was eels and  fish.They always make fun of him in  the kayaking
they go around the river until Alex scream like a girl that was funny making
him scream like a girl.

The kayaking had a hole in it Alex was not scream but his friends was screaming like girls
they were terrified of the hole in the kayaking.Water was filling up the kayaking Alex was
Laughing at his friends because they make fun at him now he laugh at him.His friends
was holding his legs and telling him “please help us we will not make fun of you again”
Said Alex friends crying.

Alex think about it “i will help you if you will stop cry hard out” shouted Alex.The kayaking was going fast to seek to the bottom of the river they were crying and saying to each other
that when they seek to the bottom of the river.Alex broke a tree and calf it like.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Hazel Natalle Cougnhlin Swimming routine

Natalie Coughlin Swimming routineFile:Swimming pool with lane ...

Natalie Coughlin training routine
4.30 am      
Natalie training day start by waking up
Pilates warm up
Finish Pilates warm up
Swimming in the pool
Finish training

Swim Training
Gym - Spin class


Discussion points:3

Why is it necessary for her to train so much?
  • To be in the Olympic to win 7 Gold medals.

What do you think she does for a job? How does she pay for everything?
She will get a job but she ready  want to win a gold at the Olympic. To.To win the Olympic game.    

Why is it important she goes to bed early?
  • To wake up and go training.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Hazel Probem Solving

Hazel Wheelbarrow Race

PES Olympics Wheelbarrow Race!
WALT: write an interesting recount by writing about our feelings and the feelings of others.
WALT: group ideas into paragraphs.
Topic: PES Wheelbarrow race 
Audience: PES, friends, teacher, whanau, world wide blog audience.
Purpose: To retell our Pt England School Wheelbarrow Race and share our thoughts on technology and cheating.

 On Tuesday when the first  bell ring I went in the classroom and put my bag away.When I saw a wheelbarrow
I told Mr Bax I said ‘Mr Bax why is a wheelbarrow in are class’ Mr Bax said ‘we are going to feed the horses’.
That seen weird something was going on here when the bell went Mr said’ 2 line outside go’ I do not know

Where we are going.     

Mr Bax was cheating with the wheelbarrow and we have to use are hand to be the wheels what a crazy idea.
I feel mad at Mr Bax for the cheating he use the Wheelbarrow.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Hazel Nz olympic Macost

My name is Eddie the bird. I was born in march 2009. I give the people good fortune and I am a colorful bird.And love to fly in the air.And even he got the 5 colors on him.

I live in New Zealand zoo.When the Olympic start I  fly up the sky to check it out.When I went to the Olympic I saw Mascots and Sports.I fly up the sky and watching the Olympic.#

My mission is to spread joy throughout the celebrate of the Olympic.People carry for the sports that were
they  get  there medal at the Olympic.

Hazel NZ winning Gold

Winning Gold!
WALT: create mood in our writing.

I was at the Olympic on the  podium . Crowd cheering for me and my parents. I see people going wild on me when i stand on 1Th place.Firework going wild i never hear firework go loud before it was so loud i can’t even hear people

When the fireworks was keep going it was so loud i can’t hear people cheering.The judge came with the medals
and when he put the medals on the people. Carmes was taking shot at me it was so bright i  could not see people.

I was so proud that my parents is cheering for me and my couch.                

Monday, 15 August 2016

Hazel Wrting About Olympic

WALT:Learn about Olympic

Over four years for 7 weeks and 10 days i was  training to be in the Olympic.Every weeks and days i always go to the pools to train there.

I went to the pools to practice and practice and practice until i get faster and stronger.

The Olympic email me they send me a mail they said in the mail we have see your training in the pools
you are the excellent swimmer want to come to the Olympic and win in the swimming  race thank you for letting me to be in the Olympic race i hope i win a Gold.

The person who is saying who coming first ‘her time is 10.48 and the rest of the woman time are 20.59 it is the best time’  Said the person who saying

‘I hope  i go on the podium for 1th places’.‘For 3nd places Angela and for 2nd places alley and 1th hazel.

The best time is training for 7 week and 10 days.