Thursday, 11 January 2018

Week Two: A Period of Change (1870-1950)

Activity 2: Art Deco
In the 1920s a new artistic movement emerged in New Zealand (and around the world). It was called ‘Art Deco.’ The picture to the right is a classic example of an ‘Art Deco’ piece. Take a close look at the painting. Do you like it? I love the painting.It look like a real person.

On your blog, give the painting a rating out of 5 stars (1 star = terrible painting, 2 stars = pretty bad painting, 3 stars = okay painting, 4 stars = good painting and 5 stars = amazing painting). After you’ve rated the painting out of 5, tell us why you gave it that rating.
I will give it a 5 star cause I have never seen wonderful painting before.


  1. Hi Hazel,

    Thanks for sharing this post. You have made a great start. I completely agree, it does look like a real person in this painting.

    So I can give you full points, are you able to elaborate on your answers a little bit more please? What are a few things you like in particular about this painting?

    Where do you think the lady is driving to? Is she driving fast, slow or maybe she is waiting somewhere. But what is she waiting for?

    I can’t wait to hear your awesome response.

    Cadence :)

    1. I think she is Driving like a driver driving.So slow

    2. Hi Hazel,

      Lovely to hear from you. I think so too, she almost looks a bit tired. Unless she has stopped and is waiting for something. How did you find this activity? Challenging or too easy?

      Cadence :)