Wednesday, 14 November 2018

State housing New Zealand

Task description: For my learning is state housing.This is my task it's about how mix the maori and pakhea have live in state houses read more of my answers and if you want to read the story click the top that say state housing New Zealnad.Leave A  comment : )


  1. Kia ora Hazel, that was a very interesting article to read and you answered your questions really well. One thing i picked up on is that you weren't using 'mix' correctly in this context.
    "...state houses are only mix for maoris and pakeha's." doesn't make sense.
    Here is a reworded example of what was written in the article.
    "Before the second World War the state houses were usually taken up by Pakeha families, but not so much by the Maori's. The government then created state houses for Maori people. It was a way of helping them mix in with the 'Pakeha's way of living' and giving everyone equal opportunities."
    Great job and you answered all your other questions really well. Keep up the good work!

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