Saturday, 16 December 2017

Waka Ama

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I like to ride on a Waka Ama I think it will be fun to ride one.Cause it's like going in a weekend fun if  I go in  I might be scare of going in the Waka Ama the wave will might get pumping above the Waka.

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  1. Hey again Hazel, you have written another great post, well done!

    I like how you've said one good and one difficult thing about the Waka Ama. I think it would be quite fun but it could also be quite difficult and tough if there was a big wave, you're right! It might be nice in this hot weather though. I might be a little scared about falling out, since I'm not such a great swimmer!

    What other things do you like to do at the beach or in the water?

    Thanks, Billy