Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Hazel newspaper Bingo

Go to and play this bingo game!
When completing each box, make a short note that describes the item.
A sports or arts article

A 19.4m has been detected south of new zealand.

A word you don’t know and have to guess its meaning


In a way to expresses
A story you think is important

How to make a fidget spinner
An article that made you laugh

100 year old twins

A national story

An article that has something to do with the government

An article with a cool picture
An article from the world section
An article for the odd stuff section

An interesting word

An article you think is interesting
An article about an animal
The best first sentence

An article that would benefit from a graph or chart and why?

An article written by a student
An article about a famous person

Attribution: Kiwi Kids News Worksheet @

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