Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Little Red Riding Hood...

Little Red Riding Hood...
WALT: follow the structure of a narrative

Once a upon….
Around Town a little girl skipping all the way to the bakery.
Getting Warm bread for her grandma.The little Girl’s  name is Little Red riding.
She was ordering warm bread for her wonderful grandma which she is sick.
She pick out the warm bread and drop it off to the counterThe person who
own this bakery started to greet little red “ Hello there red pick
some warm bread for your sick grandma”. “ Yes she’s feeling a
bit sick today so I might want to help her get better”.Then off she goes
 to her grandma’s house.

Skipping towards and through the woods.Little red riding hood  
is feeling really hungry right now,Little red’s nose smell the wonderful warm bread.
She couldn’t take another whiff of that warm bread.Poor little red riding hood
trip and fell on a rock,all of that warm bread wasted and fell into the river.
What is little red riding hood going to do.Will she replace the bread with rocks
or make it  to grandma house and spotted a strange thing in the woods.

To Be Continue…..   

1 comment:

  1. Hey Hazel!
    Im a Year 8 from Yaldhurst Model School.
    Wow detailed story you have there. Well done!
    Next time you need to put a space between each word, Because some them don't have a space!
    Maybe next time you could try to use Commas for a change?

    - Well done
    Kind Regards Chloe!