Thursday, 24 November 2016

Hazel Crazy Motat Adventures

Crazy Motat Adventures
Walt: create a plan for our writing


On a  bit sunny day  on a Tuesday we are going on a trip to Motat i and Lucy,Esther ,Tepaia we  got  so confident that we are going to Motat.
Mrs Moala is coming and Miss Lavakula too.We have to meet in the hall and wait for the bus to arrive.

Mr baxendine  said that  Mrs baxendine is coming  with us but Mrs baxendine is meeting us at Motat so we wait for 1 hour it take for long for the bus  to arrive we still wait.The  bus  arrive and we arrive
At Motat for 1 hour we got  so glad that we arrive at Motat the teachers said “ you guys are now at  Motat behave like you are doing now and at school too and  don’t be naughty ”  “ and 3 things  don’t get lost and don’t run  and don’t  play around too”   said Mr Baxendine
Lucy was trying to fine me but i was hiding in the mirror maze but the
Night came but it was actually daylight but Lucy was so surprised that
the mirror maze was close she had no way to find me.When Lucy saw
Me and Esther Mr Baxendine and Mrs Baxendine said “ you are not showing some respect” Esther had a weird face she was
thinking of a plan she was trying to get lost in the village and lucy too.
Tepaia was just want to  go on the Tram ride but it  was long to get back I was worried that if they get lost that can be the end the bus will arrive 2:00 pm but i think that Tepaia is going to take long on the ride.
Lucy was going in  the gaming room and she is having a blast at the game Tepaia was thinking in her head “ do i think that i am going to arrive at Motat at 3:00 pm oh no i am”.I was going to find Esther
she waste her time in the Old school room.

I find Tepaia i got her out of the Tram ride and it was 1:45 pm we have to find Lucy and Esther before 2:00 pm Esther was in the theatre Esther
Said “ i saw Lucy in the gaming and she is going to the village so hurry’’.

Lucy was at the village i was there and she  ran in the gaming room but Esther  was there she caught Lucy and we were just in time we got in the bus and went to school.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Hazel Water,oil& soap Quiz

Trip to MOTAT

 We went to motat and went to fun places and visit this place and did cool thing and we can be
ex bird of  science.

 This when we did scifi tube and it can go through people electricity can go flow through people like wires.
 If you put the light on the three things it will shine bight.

Hazel Athletics Day 2016

Athletics Day 2016

WALT: group ideas into paragraphs
WALT: Write a recount.

On  a hot sunny day we don’t get to do work  we got  to go outside we had are P.E.S ATHLETICS outside  we had to be in our house colour .pt England was full of exciting things  they said in there heads “i am going to be the good person to win and  people are cheering my name".We get to have our athletics on the field lot’s of  different  sports.     

We start the discus who ever got the most win but Mr was looking  for who got the 6s  it was amelia and Jorelle they hit the 6s.The house colours names is  hine moana, hikianalia,hokulea,Te aurere.When the trumpet go we have to rotations.

Javelin is my best kind of sport i came  1th place and  Chastyti came  2nd and ana came 3nd
I throw as hard as i can  so as ana and chastyti too.The girls didn't throw as hard  as they could.
Dodgeball was  very easy i can’t stop being  out i told someone to hit daisy because she always
hit me with the ball all time. We don’t need to do silly work  and stay in class all time after  morning tea and lunch time too.

My favourite is going to play discus i got 6 out of 6 that was fun and we don’t need to work on are
Chromebooks  Athletics was fun no work no chromebooks.