Thursday, 10 December 2015

Hazel walksauru

My dinosaur name is  walkingsauru it do not fight but it can run fast  and  use the legs to kick hit

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Hazel Museum Trip

On friday we went to the museum for our trip we had groups of 8 and we had helper if we come to school and our class was gone we were not go on the trip then room 11/12 went on the Bus and then we were singing song on the Bus.

Then we got off on the hill where the Museum was an then we went inside the Museum and it was big and it looked cool is well then a man name Josh came up to as and said something to has about the Museum then we got on with owa thing.

Then we went up the stairs and we went into Josh glad to see some real fossil and it was cool and we got to see a real life baby t rex head and it was cool because it lived 145 million years ago. And the cool part was that Josh got 3 people at a time to be paleontologist

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Monday, 7 December 2015

Hazel Tyranaosauru-Rex

Long long time ago in the cretaceous period before there was dinosaurs live the tyrannosaurus-rex .

How do it look after there babies?   
It lay egg but the tyrannosaurus-rex make a nest to lay it egg down.So there are egg ressive predator the tyrannosaurus-rex took caring with there babies.

Why the predator want to eat the babies t-rex?
Because they don’t want to get eating by the tyrannosaurus-rex that why.The predator want to eat the baby tyrannosaurus-rex.

What do the t-rex eat?
The tyrannosaurus-rex like to eat dinosaurus that meat it only like carnivore.It hunt for dinosaurus that meat’s.

Sense of smell

The t-rex had the best smell in the world even sharks can smell to.When it smell for it food from it  nose it go to it bain it hunt for the smell.

Hazel Manaiakai

Yesterday we had manaiakalani film festival we went when it.Was 8:30am we have to check the roll when everyone  is here.

When we sit on the bus the girls was sing  when we got to sylvia.Park hoyts we have  to watched the movie the chair was soft. there are some movie the movie that i like Stay Young.

We stay there 1 hour when it was done i think i  like it all.There are movie clip to click to watch it. Thank you for watching the movie

The journey

Tamaki 6 Has Got Talent

Hazel killersauru

My dinosaur is cool but a little cute  is evil and it can  hit the dinosaurus that  use the armored its tail. And the horned like a triceratop.Were ever  there are battle the killersauru never dead so the killersaurus use it gear to fight.

The Killersaurus had 4 legs and never give up to run  when it go on the sun it never get hot it turn into red  when it get hot it.The killersauru drink  blood from the dinosaurs the t-rex can’t fight the t-rex.

When killersaurus want to hunt for for in the forest it camouflaged in bushes and tree the triceratop was going to the forest to eat sweet plant .When the killersauru went out the bushe  the triceratop ran away the killersaur ran fast and fast speed legs.