Friday, 8 July 2016

Hazel 3D printing

Room 9 got 3D print and we can make ending kind of thing’s.          Jul 8, 2016 10:11:07 AM.jpg

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Hazel Carrot Story

On Monday  morning when i got to school the first bell ring  i walked in class and i saw  carrots on the tables.I look at Mr
bax face it was weird something was going on here and the second bell ring we grab our chrome books we sit on the mat i thought  that mr bax is giving  the  carrots to Mr Goodwin.

When Mr Bax tell us to go outside but  i don’t  know what’s going  on.We have to sit on the ground there were plants in the Front of us. Mr give us the carrots to us and the knife to create our carrot head’s.When  some people have finished they take a photo and sit in a line we start to eat our carrots head.

My carrot head name  spike he  had a angry  face his eyes are orange.He is  small  and have no  hands and legs  when i create my carrot friend  and we have to sit in a line i feel that i don’t want  to eat my carrot.My carrot do maths reading writing and go on chrome books.      
           My  favorite is creating my carrot head and calling my carrot a name and doing skills.                   

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Hazel The McGoody

Discussion Doc
The McGoodys

WALT:find information in texts.

Why were the neighbours excited that the McGoodys were moving in next door?
Because they are famous and the perfect family.

How was Mrs Goody perfect?
Beauty queen perfect nails

Why do the other children groan at the McGoody children?
They are good at maths they can even do it left and  right hand.victor he is a fast runner he got
That from his dad

Why did Victor and Priscilla’s perfectly clean clothes get dirty?
All the food tripped on priscilla and victor clothes.

Why were Mr and Mrs McGoody fighting?
Because the prize tree hit mr mcGoody head and he blame it to mrs McGoody.                        

Why did the McGoodys think that their argument would be in tomorrow’s headlines?
It was the prize tree apple dropped at Mr McGoody he should not be next to the tree the first time.