Thursday, 7 April 2016

Sense of sight: The messing Room

I  walk in my brother room it was a mess.I never seen his  room messing before.There was  a rat in his bed  there was  bones  on the ground

I saw dust on the ground and pancake up the roof and cake on his pillow wow there are KFC and hotdog everywhere.It was messing room my brother came back from Basketball I was looking at him mad I said I am going to tell mum on you.You better not  tell mum on.Only if you clean your room. If I see your room messing I am going  to tell on dad to swimming with him.

HAzel family Fact

Monday, 4 April 2016

Hazel Wild Night

On Thursday I hear wind going in my ear and rain.
Then I touch the rain when I touch a stick.I saw storm and sticks on the ground then I ran back to class It was a wet lunch time.I went outside and I smell fresh rain and trees.When rain came I taste the  water when it was raining.

I saw the campers tents but I didn't see them all.They are in the hall.I went in class I saw storm and I hear rain  and smell fresh rain.

I saw the rain and lighting up the sky.I think the campers are getting wet outside in there tents.I feel bad because it was raining out side.I think it's a little bad.