Tuesday, 30 July 2019


This weeks reading task is about science fiction.Which can also be  notice as sci-fi. The slides that you are about to see is writed  answers.There is an link to the book.What the story is about is five kids is in a bunker.They were in that bunker for 2 weeks.  DID they live OR  Did they  left the bunker to find help. You find out  by clicking  Bernard Beckett  name it's shaded blue.

Friday, 26 July 2019

The tree of life

This is the tree of life.we learnt that 1835 Charles Darwin discover that all   living things are connected . Animal  change over million of years.So they  can  survive  for a long time. The tree of life started at the bottom to the top.

Monday, 22 July 2019

What is science?

What the picture reflect is  What is science?

 These are my Ideas that reflected this picture:

 1. Science discover what happen after life.
2.scientist  collect data from the result they get.
3. I think scientist goes over the world discovering about  the chemical s
that been input some  where not safe. is where to  experiments what or where  it is happening.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Around the world -Scratch

For my scratch-I had to show you around the world.I'll be showing you 3 places around 3 continents.This Term topic is about longitude and latitude.

I use lots of  coding into my scratch.I'm sorry i didn't do any voice recording.But I hope you can read the follow information.Maybe next time i'll do better.I hope you enjoy

Word - fractions

School holidays

       Do Kids need More                 Holidays
Kids usually feel bored at school, they can’t wait for the
school holidays. Kids wish they have 6  weeks of holidays
which they will bet that they will not learn anything educational.
If school holidays go for 6 weeks there won’t be enough school education.

School is over
The school holiday goes for 2 weeks,
that’s a perfect time to spend quality time with your family.
It's time to spend a happy holiday with your family over traveling to another
country.2 Weeks of the holidays are enough
kids need to go to school to top up their education.

Break time
School holidays are a time to have a break from learning.
Kids deserve to have longer holidays.
Usually, kids want to sleep, eat, games, chores spend family time.
But mostly holidays help them to forces more about
what should they do more next time when school starts.

That is what  holidays there for

Holidays are a fun time to get away from school.
It helps us to rest from all thoughts learning.
Even though the holidays are to do chores for your parents it’
s time to rest and have fun for the whole holiday weeks.

The school holidays are awesome. When the kids are ready to go back to school they’ll refresh back to learning mode. And they are now ready to learn.