Tuesday, 25 June 2019


Today Rm4 is trying out Asia food.We are trying  some Korean food.So the whole class is trying out this kin chi.The kin chi  tastes  spices and it haves a  sweet   taste with a  unsuspected  smell.With a weird smell.The look of the Kim chi   looks like onion.

The continues  food taste is noodles  another food choice from Korean.It's tastes good.Really yummy and good.The looks of the noodles  is like pasta.It's real good when you look at it.It will make you blind.The smell,Wow it smell so nice,It smell likes if I wanted more.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019


Today in the afternoon RM 4 is trying out Empanada,They are a dish from Argentina North America.

LOOK: The look of the Empanada has a golden look.It's been looking like a sausage roll.And that it is shaped like a triangle and a dumplings.

SMELL: This Empanada has a nice sense of smell.The smell shows an effect of delicious.

Taste: The Empanada is sweet but Then when you hold to taste.It  turns out to be a little spicy

The river

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Rm4 taste European food.

Today in Room 4 home class we tried some European food. Room 4 had been learning about Europe, so our teacher Mrs Stone showed us a video about this food.We learnt about how olive oil is made. After the videos, we got to taste some European food like olives,Cheese and bread that had olive oil on it.
Then after that we ate pan Au chocolat. It tastes really good, its bread with chocolate.