Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Fever = create task

This week I have been doing this  week reading task.About fever.And for my create task is a story broad. This story broad is about  two girls one is a human and one is not.Carly is the name of her.She was feeling sick and not well.And the ghost need to share her secret with her.


Octopus + fever

Friday, 9 August 2019

do alien exist ?

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Do Aliens Exist?

What is an alien? An alien is a being from another planet. Some people believe that aliens

exist while others don’t.Scientists are trying to discover whether aliens could exist by


new planets. They are currently trying to find a planet that is similar to Earth.

This essay is going to explain why aliens don’t exist.


Aliens don’t exist. Even if they do exist scientists would be studying about them and travel to

outer space to find more about them. How would we know that Aliens exist? Will an alien

spaceship show up and tell us a speech about us being an alien as well. For example:

If Aliens do exist and show up looking like a version of us. It will be confusing to know

which is which person. 

 The connection is Impossible! 

People think that there are aliens in outer space. They think there is a way to connect to them

if they do exist. Well, guess what it’s IMPOSSIBLE. How is it impossible to connect if aliens

do exist? The connection is hard, What happens if aliens live far far away from the galaxy

if they exist. But if it is the future and if the future has better technology it might or might

 not work with better technology to connect further.

Origin of Life

This essay will evolve the origin of life. Why? Cause some say that you never know if there

is another life on other planets. If there is life on other planets that haven’t been yet

discovered might rule other planets. Nobody knows what’s out there. As we know

everyone plus the animals. Everyone living things was little Organism AKA cells.

But what scientists didn’t know if there is life on other planets.


Tuesday, 6 August 2019