Friday, 27 July 2018

P,H,E Sustaining Ourselves: Hauora

Milky Way

History of Milky way:
Since 1923 a  man Frank C was first man to make  milky way.The name of the milky way  taste has taken form from famed malted milk drink
.The name was name after the earth's galaxy milky way.

The smell of the milky way smell like milk it has a wonderful smell.The look is When you open the chocolate it show you something inside the chocolate.
It has caramel flavor and chocolate down the bottom.It’s cover by chocolate milk and in front of the pack it show you the caramel.
The taste it’s so wonderful it taste like a mixed of the flavors  caramel and chocolate.When you start to feel to put it in your mouth you start to feel to have more the milky way gets into your teeths and when the milky way start to dissolve in your teeth or less melt.

The time  you put that chocolate in your mouth you start to feel more beg for more.
The real reason to beg for more is the looking you have to look at the pack first before you open the rapper you need to smell the chocolate.
I will bet you will just eat it instead of smelling it.

Monday, 2 July 2018


Today is team 5’s inquiry expo
And we had inquiry groups that we having been working in for a few weeks on project. In our group we had me (hilary) and me ( hazel) eva and pilinilose but only me and hazel did mostly all the work well they were playing around during class. In our inquiry class We were all supposed to have a project our project was gonna be a poster but hilary insisted to make a movie about isaac newton so we made one but our project was a fail kind of i actually wasn’t really that much of a fail

So when me and hilary and the others decided to make a movie we made a movie of  Isaac newton's laws his main 3 laws.We made lots of mistake but I was not in the movie  much.It’s really a good movie and exactly.

We did some following task and mistakes it took time doing work a lot of time.But we manage to finish but something went wrong the computer didn’t work so  we have try to do our movie on another computer.

We have made success on our movie,we put so much hard work on to it  but
It couldn’t because the imac couldn’t work properly so it couldn’t upload
We were a bit disappointed

But Next time we will do something else like  a water balloon and it will blow up but it will splash everywhere but I think it’s going to work .I will give a clue : It have  something you push so hard that’s your clue for next time .