Thursday, 27 September 2018

Team 5 item

Today in the morning block team 5  did an item for our topic for this term theme move ya' body.What class do you think is going to win Rm 1,2,3,4 or 5.I think rm 4 won even though it's my class.So for rm 4 we did a line dance of footloose.Leave a comment : )

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

The Game

Task description:In my  reading is a game called dart but is  dart is a game.Matt is this boy who played dart but he was pale when he lift his helmet off his he.Read my answers  if theirs mistake leave comment.

How to look after your body?

Intro: What do we need for our body's?In our bodys we need to be in  healthy diet like eating veggies and fruits.It’s always good to look after your body cause there can be cautions to your body reactions.

What do we need to have a healthy diet?We need to have a healthy  balanced diet to be fit and strong.We also can feed to our natural  bodies is nutrients and vitamins,these help us to stay in a healthy condition .Our natural bodies doesn’t need junk cause it can cause badly cautions to our bodies.

Why do we to exercise?Everyone needs to stay fit because it helps your brain to stay happy.And the other type of the brain thing is call hormone.We can lose weight by doing this but doing some runs though.People train to turn fit too and they get muscles as well,people can be flexible,In indian they do yoga to be flexibles .

Why do we sleep for?everyone needs to sleeps so when they wake up they don’t feel like they want to go back to sleep.Sleeps helps to focus  towards what your doing ,so when you don’t sleep you’ll have a brain function .How many hours of sleep?well for adults they need to sleep for 7 hours or 9 hours but for kids  and teens they sleep even more hours.

Is water useful?Yes water is life,water really helps us to stay hydrated  cause water keeps us alive.Plus water keeps us focus and to concentrate with our work,how many percent do we need for our bodies?for people like us we have 73 % water in our bodies.

What are some use of looking after our bodies?It’s important to stay healthy and fit.Everyone needs water though it helps  to contrate with learning.People like to stay fit and be flexibles and hydrated.You can do yoga as well just like india they do  yoga to keep them calm.

Task description: In my piece of writing is about how to look after your body?Everyone can  be healthy and fit in the future.Everyone like to run ,but to stay in a healthy balance diet is to eat the right food like fruits and veggies.don't forget to leave a comment : )

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Math Whizz

In Maths whizz this is my favourite exericse it's called deimals Iknow it's like fractions but it's not.I supposed to do this in 2016 but too boring to do.So i'm doing this as a task for my maths .Leave a comment : )

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Predators or native

I strongly agree that  predators most like rabbits , cats,ferret and possum should have respect :).The reason so even though their fine but we  treat predators the way they are.But not letting them taking a native animal,just giving  facts that there are over  more possums like 30 millions just giving facts.Some people have disagree to respect cause they want to get rid of them in 2050.But I agree to just leave respect for them not letting them to kill native like just treat them respect.

Monday, 10 September 2018

What could go wrong in 2048

This is my view what will NZ look like in the future,like in 2048?you never know what is 2048 looks like.Maybe they’ll start the past again and turn over like slavery and other bad things.

What could go wrong?It will happen and start with the environment,the environment has lots of cautions.It will never turn out good,there will be a drought and everyone will be trusting.Or maybe pollutions they can weck our grass and trees that can count to no trees maybe other bad habits.

 This could be a bad view of it? This can go wrong,there’s bad habits as well- .Slavery can start over again do you like slavery to start? If not good,you never know that your view will be run by gangsters even your house is over taking by them.There might be a global warming cause of all of this mess or might be a flood,it can over take your country maybe.

 Let’s take a view at the happy future?well the happy future is so clean,there will be hover cars,bikes and motors.What about robots?you might have robots as slaves that can clean for you or maybe a robot teacher that can teach you everything. We might have a new government that can treat us right better than DT l: ).

 How is it we can do ? for the environment we can be a tidy kiwi if we want a nice positive future we need to treat the environment right to have a positive future.So what will you think what is 2048 is going to be?.It might be cool to have hover bikes.And that we will have no start of slavery or gangs,we will even never start slavery why would we.

 So if you have a view like 2048 you can think about what will happen in 2048.Have a think maybe you might have gangs in your view of 2048.Maybe not or kinda,or the positive future is to have a free rage gangs that means no gangs at all.So have a think about 2048 what could go wrong.