Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Tech- Potato Salad with Ham and Egg

In cooking Class  Me And Ms Timmi  made Potato salad with extra things.Like Ham and Egg.

If you want to make This at home feel free.You just need the things you need.
or make it yourself if you feel hungry

What you need:
4 Potatos
1 carrot
2 eggs
5 slice ham
1 bowl
1 pot
1 peeler

Let get into the Steps

Step 1 - Boil the water ( Put water into the pot *Reminder)

Step 2 - Peel  the potatoes and  [and slice into square pieces ] 
( Not small squares big squares if you know what I mean * another Reminder)

Step 3- Boil the potatoes until it's soft,( Even boil the eggs at the same time * Reminder)

Step 4 -  Dice  the ham

Step 5  - drain the potatoes,[mix together with the ham]
( When you see the egg crack that means it's cook,so take the two eggs out and peel the  shell  till you see a perfect white egg* Reminder)

step 6  Cut the egg   into small strips

Step 7 - I forgot about the Carrot)- Peel the carrot if you finish peeling the carrot( Use the grater to grate the carrot.

THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP -  grab your bowl and put your potatoes,Ham,and Egg  and also the carrot into the bowl.( Don't forget to mix all together  and add  mayo and salt.

Final Step- Serve your perfect dish to someone you made it for.

Here's my and Ms Timmi Potatoe salad with ham and Egg

It Tasted nice.....

Try this Out it's really Fun to make.

Monday, 29 April 2019

Introduction to Narratives

Today for literacy Room 4 had to think of what goes with a narrtive story.And Some of the ideas were great.Then we  have to  go in our normal groups.To write down what goes with a narrtive story.These are our ideas of a narrtive story.

Immersion Assembly

This Term's topic is  "I like your latitude ".The whole school had a Immersion Assembly.To start assembly,our role models the prefects,Well only two prefects had to say the  Mihi and karakia.When the prefect's finish saying the Mihi and the karakia.Our principle Mr Burt show the whole school about Latitude and longitude.Team ones item  is about how the bees are dieing,And the teachers of team 1 made a great aim for the smaller kids.and a Great job.

Team twos item is about treasure hunt and maps.They made a Good video of what they did to find easter eggs around their class rooms.Team two's item  is  a good aim for the smaller kids.It was a great video to watch how the kids tell us what they need to do to find  the eggs.
My highlight was Team five.They  Show a great perform It was a great acting.They have nice cloth and great aim for small kids and big kids. 

Can't wait for next term......

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Special Guest

Special Guest.....

Today Team 5 Had  3 lucky people.Who had great careers,Cause Team 5 has been learning about our Malaga.Our careers.One man name Jason Young had talk to us about his job,and what he does.He join Iron man.He explain what is  iron man.I Thought it was a type of job,But it was  a bit the same,

Jason  participate in iron man which is a Marathon,It's only for adults.He talk to us about how life can be hard.But need to follow your goal.An other guest is a wonderful woman,Which is a actor and a funeral director.Have you ever heard a channel call casketeers.
Her Life story is if you want to be a funeral director.They have to work for 24 hour.When kids are sleeping that time.Lucky last is a true Samon.Tanielu tele'a.He's a rubgy player.Tanielu came to PES before.Did Penn too.
He plays for the Blues and had fun talking to us.


                                    There was once a fish
Who did the dishes
Then got stuck in the drain
And could never been seen again.

Monday, 8 April 2019

Face mask

This week in literacy,We have been discussing our identity and how we express our identity to others.We realized that some aspects of our identity are more obvious than others.We also discussed how we show different parts of our identities. On one side of my mask it shows that I like cats and I think their cool. Even dogs are cool too.

On the other side I had to show what people think when they first meet me. When people first meet me they think i'm shy because they just met me for the first time. But when people get to know me a little bit they think i'm weird, and then they think that I am funny.

Little red riding hood and the wolf