Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Hazel Digital License

The Digital License

It was yesterday Tuesday team 4 & 5 gets to have a excited thing.we had digital License in the hall.There were a man  call  dominic bowden he was from the X factor.he was the (MC) that stand for the owner of the game.there were groups they’re call The crushers, The smashers and The Dominators.The game was just like family fred.But the quiz was all about  how to be safe on are chromebooks the quiz was all about cyber smart.
My Favorite Part
My favourite part was that dominic bowden
Said “ unit next time” and then he said “just kidding”.The part that i like was that the crusher  win they got the last quiz right.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Hazel Fractions Week 4, term 2

Walt: Share numbers equally  Walt: Solve fraction word problems

Hazel newspaper Bingo

Go to and play this bingo game!
When completing each box, make a short note that describes the item.
A sports or arts article

A 19.4m has been detected south of new zealand.

A word you don’t know and have to guess its meaning


In a way to expresses
A story you think is important

How to make a fidget spinner
An article that made you laugh

100 year old twins

A national story

An article that has something to do with the government

An article with a cool picture
An article from the world section
An article for the odd stuff section

An interesting word

An article you think is interesting
An article about an animal
The best first sentence

An article that would benefit from a graph or chart and why?

An article written by a student
An article about a famous person

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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Help! I'm stuck on an island

Help! I'm stuck on an island! - Narrative
Walt: Write a creative story that will capture an audience Walt: Write about yourself in third person

In the middle of the ocean there was  a big cruise ship. there was 1000 people on the big cruise ship.there were three teachers their name were Miss Scanlan,Mr Goodwin and Miss Parrant.They were having  fun they played Golf,Tennis and one thing Mr Goodwin was  very good at golf.The captain told us that we are  heading toward a big fog. But the cruise ship crash! into the rock  everyone was ok but the three teacher fell off the cruise ship but they survived they were stuck on a island  but they have been lost.It was up to them to survive the island.They were trying to find food but they fine banana’s but there were only two they had a weird face.They want to survive the island they share the banana’s.They invent  a fishing rod  it was  a stick,flax’s and a little stick for the hook.

By the time when it was sundown one  teacher had a wonderful plan.It was Miss Scanlan that had the wonderful idea.Miss Parrant and Mr Goodwin listen to Miss Scanlan.Miss scanlan plan was great they got the stuff the stuff was sticks for the bottom,leaves for the sail, the stuff that Miss Scanlan told them to get.Miss Scanlan plan was a boat they work on the boat for days and weeks until they were  finished  the boat they had test the boat for a 7 days but the last day when sunrise they were dying for thirsty the last food were banana’s but they were all gone they forget about eat and they start sailing across the great sea to get to back to New Zealand and the three teachers Told their class about the  crazy Story they had.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Hazel fast post

Walt: Understand how communication technology changed over time

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Hazel Easter

Hazel Now That's Thinking!

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 11.25.03 AM.png

Walt: Write what we think this term's inquiry 'Now That's Thinking' is going to be about Walt: Write a recount about the immersion assembly

This term we are learning about technology And are topic is call Now That’s Thinking. Maori technology and are inquiry is  technology. Is a table and a chair  is a technology? Do you even know what is technology? Well technology is like devices for  an Example:A chair is that a technology?In a assembly Mr Burt  show us old technology and new technology.

I think  we will learn about Maori technology. Team 4 is learning about how Maori technology changed over time.I am excited to learn about technology like how Maori technology changed over time.

I want  to learn how did technology changed over time?.