Friday, 31 May 2019

Word problems

Where in the longitude are you?


My writing Plan

Intro:  the world was happy and nice and mature.

Problem: Then big gas came from a rock that hit
earth 15 million years ago before the dinosaurs  came to an end.

Solution : the world needed to learn to be mature.
So it takes 15000 years to learn to be mature then being crazy.

In Room 4 literacy.Room 4 have to write a plan for our narrative writing.
This is my planning out for my writing that I post "
The day everything changed.This is how I plan my story.

The Day everything changed

And way back what happen…..

It begins with a  wonderful and mature world.Where everyone was
Happy and nice plus mature as well.Everyone will get along with each other  like
“ Hello,I like your shirt”.When anyone is feeling stress some one will tag them
with a helping need.

Everyone was born with happiness and  nice even mature.
Till one day everything will not be the same,Everything and
everyone will change.Till that day will come.It is coming.15 years now, later that
day in the afternoon.Two families was about to have a picnic on a
beach call watchy’allcall beach.It sounds funny but you’ll get a good view
of the whole ocean.That’s why the beach is call watch y'all call.
One little boy found a rock with a fossil on top.That little boy’s parents came and
told him “Don’t touch that” Said the little boy.

Then the little boy touch the rock.And then  out rising gas coming out from
the rock. Spreading toxic gas to the world.Then Everyone was Crazy and
the world.The Ocean was going upside down dripping from above.every
one turn to craziness.Animals eating human BEANS (people looks like beans).

Friday, 24 May 2019

Problem solving

Crazy World

The  weather was Crazy. So crazy you’ll be swept away by a Bus and
you’ll never be seen again.This part will get so Crazy you’ll go nuts.
Everything in sight  is Crazy,People goes Crazy,Animals eating human beans.
This Story will blow your mind, your dog will do a crazy backflip
when your not even looking.This  story is about crazy things.


There’s More…..    

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Create Task

This week for my create Task.I deiced to do Fact's about Brando yelavich aka Wild Boy.This is part of my reading task for this week.So this is  my final create task for this week.Don't forget to leave a comment.


Wednesday, 22 May 2019

DIMC-Maths Starz or pepsi

Mr wiseman bought a selection of drinks from pak n save to sell at pt england garage sale.The 6 pack  of pepsi were on special for $3 per pack and the 24 pack of starz were at the mormal retail price of $9.60 per pack.

At the garage sale each can of pepsi and each bottle of starz were sold for $2.When sold individually which drink produced the greatest profit when sold?

Today Room 5's math group had to do DIMC.Each week our teacher picks which norm should we all focus on.We focus on Actively listening,It will help us to listen to each other.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Year 8 leadership Camp

Last week the Year 8's  went to  a leader ship camp for 3 days.All of the year 8's were excited to be going to camp,Some of them were  not excited.When the year 8's are gone to camp the year 7's can leader the school.

It takes a long time to  get to  kauaeranga valley christian camp.The bus trip takes 1 hour and 30 mins,Some of us slept cause it takes long to get there,The place was held  near Thames which was not that far.

My highlight: was the go cart's. it was my first time riding  the go cart.It was all of the year 8's first time riding  the Go Cart.The girls  in my group was   too scare going  first for every stations.When  I sat down on the go cart  I froze.But At less I  try.

My other highlight is the paintball.It's really  painful  if you go close to the person who is about to get you.But it's really fun  though, It was  girl's Vs Boy's there were non even group so Sam jump in the girls team.We won by 4 - 2.

It was fun going to the leadership.All of the year 8's  came back safe and happy.ready to be leaders.

Pictures coming soon....

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Tech - Cottage Pie

For this week's cooking is cottage pie.Feel free to make This at home just need the things you need.


3 Potato
1 pot
1 masher
1 peeler
1 mince
1 onion
1 Teaspoon of Garlic and ginger

Step 1 - Peel the potato's and boil until it is soft
- ( when it's soft  get the masher and mash the potatos

step 2 - Fry the  mince with vegetables
- put the mince into the tin foil pie bowl
top up with cheese and the potato.

- bake for 15 minutes 180o c

step 3 - Clean up

You could make this at home feel free to make this.

Here is me and my cooking teacher's cottage pie

Geometry - orientation

Friday, 3 May 2019

Map of New Zealand

WALT: use compare directions to describe Location

This Term our inquiry focus is I like your latitude.We learnt about the compass directions. We had to look at the map of New Zealand and compare different places using the compass directions. For Example: New zealand has two islands.And The first island is the north island of new zealand.And the second island is the south.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Little Red Riding Hood...

Little Red Riding Hood...
WALT: follow the structure of a narrative

Once a upon….
Around Town a little girl skipping all the way to the bakery.
Getting Warm bread for her grandma.The little Girl’s  name is Little Red riding.
She was ordering warm bread for her wonderful grandma which she is sick.
She pick out the warm bread and drop it off to the counterThe person who
own this bakery started to greet little red “ Hello there red pick
some warm bread for your sick grandma”. “ Yes she’s feeling a
bit sick today so I might want to help her get better”.Then off she goes
 to her grandma’s house.

Skipping towards and through the woods.Little red riding hood  
is feeling really hungry right now,Little red’s nose smell the wonderful warm bread.
She couldn’t take another whiff of that warm bread.Poor little red riding hood
trip and fell on a rock,all of that warm bread wasted and fell into the river.
What is little red riding hood going to do.Will she replace the bread with rocks
or make it  to grandma house and spotted a strange thing in the woods.

To Be Continue…..