Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Hazel Space Narrative

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I have friend’s their name’s Laolao and Hilary we started chatting about earth  people are polluted our lakes and ocean.But the gas from factories we decided to leave earth but we pack food and waters we hop on to are spaceship we left earth we look at every planet but not all. Laolao said “ why not mercury” “sure” we ride to mercury but it was very cold and mercury have some ice surface and mercury is the closes to the sun Laolao  and Hillary even me we were so cold that we are going to be ice blocks.We try to run but the gravity

“we made it” Hilary and Laolao said.

We made it to Venus “at least it’s not cold” said Laolao when we touch the flood our body's turn
red and we started tipping toeing back to the ship.We were out of fuel we need  water to make the spaceship Laolao had the last bottle of water we proor the water in the tank.

Then we went to the moon but their was a problem we have not wear are space suit but the helmet there were someone there it was a hanging robot that look’s around the moon if it’s safe.

Ohh we should live here it’s wonderful we need that robot to make sure that can we live here on the moon so that we can build the future and a dome.So we need that robot come on get that robot.  

We had the robot and spend our life’s on the moon people came from earth and spend their life’s too so we live happy on are new planet we call the moon super cool moon.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Tech Expo team5

  Tech Expo team5
  Yesterday when it was 2:11 pm we pack up our classroom then we line up at the shelter by the porch but we  have to put on are shoes even  that it’s raining.We  had a tours that shows us where to go and explore team 5

there were games,hammock,headphones lots of things.My favourite part was the hammock.Why does hammock is cool?.I like it because it  rocks people in it.But i want to get but i have no money too bad.