Monday, 9 December 2019

who dunnit?

who dunnit?

In room 4 we  are solving a crime that happen in the class room. We found  a broken window  with blood on the broken glasses that are on the flood.We also  found a cloth  with a bit of blood  on it. Now we are discovering who broke in class room with this  cloth  which is the main evidence    to look closing.Now  since we got time ,we started to use the  CCTV footage and found out that there were one  person  that broken in  and stole one of our class mates Chromebook luckly we found evidences which be could analyse this footage to find this  person who just broken in.we just found  four people who was behind the scene .And  we are down to four people who was behind this scene.

what we did is  that we use the sample  that was in the scene.And sample it with A ,B and Rh with the blood. After when we did all that stuff. We use our four suspect  blood and use there blood to show the result   of the blood  that was at the scene. After that we try our four supects blood which we still don't know who broken  in the class room.

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Friday, 15 November 2019

Trap queen Animation

Another animation that I completed.Today my animation is something else.It's not like  the other animation.This animation is the "trap queen animation". This also goes with the topic " Life's a Stage".Well team 5 have been doing this so it can show the dance  motion. It's like learning a dance.

This is the actually dance
Thanks for watching.

Git up animation

Today for my animation team 5 have been doing a dance that goes with our term  topic " Life's a Stage".So what we have been doing is the Git up.Have you heard this Music before the git up? So what did is  draw an easy person to draw is just a stick man. Because it was so easy to draw then a  layer of  more drawing.
Before going on this  link) Students  must ask for  permission by teacher?
Link :
Give it a go another link
Thanks for watching
sorry if it's not on the right time : )

Word problems

Monday, 11 November 2019

Thinking and Doing

Walt: Place organism  on a continuum
We learnt which organism were bigger or smaller

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Varima Te Takere

Varima-Te-Takere) A Cookisland Myth

Today  I've been doing a myth , A cook island myth. Who have heard a cook island myth before?.Well the story is about a  Female  name Varima te tekere the god of the beginning.It started off when  she  was  creating  humans  with mud. and also in the story vari choose her daugther to stay close  by her side.

Link - Varima Te Tekere 

Wednesday, 6 November 2019


6/11/19: Wednesday

DNAImage result for gene

Are gene’s and DNA related?  Can gene’s and DNA is about how they might be related. Cells are made up with 100. Cells are in our body that keeps us alive. Inside the nucleus is our DNA not all 

DNA in  length that are called chromosomes. Each chromosome contain  jobs. Chromosome’s  

have  information. Which have information.DNA are made up with four bases. A.G.T.C  

The nucleus and the DNA is in the chromosome and the gene is in t 
C  in one stamp form a ladder  A always join T , G join with C

  genes is a DNA 
 *miss spell 
a group comes together 
Everyone has  three 
For example, AT.GC,GT  at least
Group of gene  makes a book and the book is the chromosome 

More than 1 gene and 2  makes more gene
Gene are like chapters

Also chromosomes are in the nucleus                 
*Mistake writing

Monday, 4 November 2019

Onion cells

Aim: today in room 4,We are trying to look at some onion cells through the microscope

Which magnification will you see the onion cell properly

Predict: I think  it might be easy to see in 100
 x to see better 

  • Microscope
  • Onion
  • Blue DIY
  • Slide
  • Tweezer

We use the tweezers  to peel a thin layer of onion.
We place the online lauder on the slide and  add a tiny bit of methylene blue also using saline  to make it flat to add our coverslip on the top 


  1. 10
  2. 40
  3. 100


When we finished making our slide we took a look through the microscope and we saw tiny and big dots spread around and it also looked like bubbles. After that we did the 100x which is a closer and what we saw was big  tiny bubbles.

Myths and legends

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Plant cells

Plant cells:

What's in the plant cell?The inside of the plant contain  lots of cell inside : 
endoplasmic reticulcm
golgi body 
cell merbrane
cell wall 

Around the plant  is call the cell wall. A cell wall is a cubic  shape that turn out where all the organall are. The cell wall hold and stable  the postion. 

Quick think:
A cell wall is a cubic  shape that turn out where all the organall are. 
The cell wall hold and stable  the postion. 

Chloroplasts AKA ( *also known as )   chlorophyll absorbs which is the sunlight. 

Order: SUn + water *aka H20 + carbon dioxide =  glucose wil plus oxygen also water = could go to waste. 
Image result for inside of a plant cell

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Friday, 18 October 2019

What makes a good Person

What makes a good person ?
Are you a good person?. What makes a good person.Being a good person 
is like getting attention from people.Well to convince you this writing  will
explain about what makes a good person and will impress the meaning behind
a good person.

One way to be a good  person is helping.Helping is part of being a good person.
For example, If seeing a loose person struggling with something that person
might think and will help the struggling person with  what their stuck on. Being
helpful is another way of caring but not really helping is like doing a flavor for that
struggling person. And caring is like looking after for another.That’s one point 
that makes a good person.

Are you a trustworthy person. Trust and worthy is also part of being a good
person. Well trustworthy is another way of being  honest this is a way to be a
good person.For Example,Trustworthy is like a promise. If you tell the truth you
never know that your  mate or parents will trust you and they might give you a
trust look.That mean that your trustworthy. Being a trust person can sometimes
be hard.Once  it’s hard to tell the truth it will get harder and lying makes it so
easy.That’s why telling the truth will give you lots of acceptation and will let the
person to trust you. 


Do you care for someone in your life?. Caring is the affectionate   another way to
be a good person. Caring, is the main goal of being a good person For example,
Caring is like loving your parents and showing them that you love them back. And
also Caring means respecting, respect is kinda similar to caring. Cause caring is
like being kind to some and concern for others.Being a caring person is one of the
best of them. They can also  be a good person towards the future.

People can be good and make good remarks  towards credits from other people
.There’s other ways to  be a good person. Are you a good person?


Thursday, 17 October 2019

Cheek cells

Today room 4 were looking at cheek cells.We wanted to see what our cheek cells would look like under the microscope.

The equipment we use:

- lolly pop stick 
-blue stain  
- microscope
  Image result for microscope glass slides < this is a slide glass.

The first thing we did is that we use  a lolly pop stick to  get some  cheek cells . We use the lolly pop stick and rubbed the LPS  against our cheek  well the inside. Then we all got handed out  slides  and will also we will put the cheek cells on the slide. And the our next step was to put the sodium on the cheek cells ( forgot what they are call) The reason why we put the sodium on the the cheek cells so they will spread out.And till we waited for them to spread out we get to put the blue stain of the cheek cells so it will be easy to see. Our teacher said that we  ran out of cover slide  to cover the blue stain.But we just have to leave the blue stain to dry. When our slide were dry we get to use the microscope . 

I saw  tiny dots  we I first look. Summary: The second  look was a closer look at it and it was like big and small jelly rocks. and the third look haven't  seen the  third  look but  at less I saw  the cheek cells.

Mixture of problems

Friday, 27 September 2019

Unlocking life's secret code

Chirstmas is celebrationšŸŽ„

Chirstmas is  celebrationšŸŽ„     

Do you love chirstmas . chirstmas is the time to share and gather with family ,
The time of happy kids opening There present.  Christmas is well known to
be celabrate on dec the 25th. The reason why we celbrate chirstmas is to
remember the birth of Jesus chirst and when he died on that day and came
back to life. Well this essay will explain about This Special hoilday (Chirstmas). 

Persent for Familys❤
Present surpise kids ( if you hadn’t noticed ) . Everyone knows that the
present  is the time for giving for your family.It’s like sharing one to one.
It’s like giving  your presents to Jesus to remind him we care. 
That’s why present are important to chirstmas.

Glorius Food šŸ²

Food entirely yummy food , Is outstanding  for chirstmas. If you hadn’t
known that,Food keeps the kids calm and cheer up your stomch .  Food
can bring in yummy thoughts. It can cheer up your family health and joy.
Chirstmas food is a traditon  fest on chirstmas. It’s a time to gather the family
to have a fest.That’s why we love food for chirstmas.

  Gathering with family 
Family Gathering is the best part.How? You never know that you've met any
of your other family members.Like your newborn cousin or brother  that hav
e been away in the islands. Family gather is important out of the rest of of the
improtant things of chirstmas.
That’s why chirstmas is important because it's all about the gathering.

This is why chirstmas is so important.It’s all about the present,The food,
And also family gathering.

If you love chirstmas leave a comment. and SEE YOU NEXT TERM
KOE KIA see you next time

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Winter cough

For this week work.Me and my friends, Hilary and Api have done this work and might or not have solve it correctly.At less we try.

here's their link to there blog

Wednesday, 25 September 2019


Is Co-Ed a Good Idea

Is Co-Ed a Good Idea
Have you ever feel like to have a co - ed school or rather have a single sex  school . Parents say
that they want their son/daughter to go to a boy only
school and a  girls only school.Well this essay will explain why girls and boys should go to
a Co- Ed school.

Socialising with both genders.

Boys and girls  should socialise with each other in school.Which is the   best idea for both genders
to socialise together.
For example, If Both genders  were in a single sex school boys won’t know anything about
girls that much.And that is the same as  girls. Both genders gets along with each other that’s
why socialising with both genders is a great idea.

There’s a way
Co-Ed school is better than  single sex school. If there were no Co- Ed
and there were only single sex schools. Both genders won’t  get along with each
other when they grow up. well co - ed is both genders ( Boys/Girls. Even though if 
there is a single sex school there will still be a boy/girl at that school. Never know there
might be a male  teacher. Just because there’s single sex school doesn’t mean that there
won’t be any males which there will be a Male.

 Friendship is power

 As if you hadn’t known that boys/girls can be friends.  The reason why both gender could
be friends. It’s so easy ,Girls could greet with manners to boys and  boys say a greeting back
so easy.Well that only happen to some boys. Everyone knows that friendship is powerful.
Well if you hadn’t noticed , Both genders could possibly can be Friends. That’s why we need
Co-Ed  so they can get along with each other and know what they do in class and seeing if t
hey need any help . Co-Ed can bring friendship between boys/girls.  


 So could it be possibly that Co-Ed could be like this forever.Getting along as friends and
helping with work. Co-Ed school is  awesome .never know what to do in school life with
boys/Girls around. Could this go on forever or would it just be a mistake

Friday, 20 September 2019

Fair chocolate

What's inside a cell?


Good wrting

Wearing mufti

Agreeing : Wearing mufti  ?

Do you ever feel tired from wearing the same uniform 
everyday.Sometime  uniforms are not that comfortable. This 
writing will explain why mufi is a good idea to wear to school.

Does  Kids really need uniform?
 Uniforms are a waste of money and too expensive  to buy.
The reason why parents refuse of buying uniforms  because of
uniforms they’re too expensive.And the price is high to buy. 
And parents would rather let there kids to wear mufti then
buying a brand new uniform. That’s why parents  couldn’t be
able to buy there kids brand new uniforms

Why kids should wear Mufti clothes at school
Kids like  to wear different  styles to school ( but proper clothes  ).
Some kids don’t care what others think of them. If kids had  no
permission they’ll just wear nothing,Don’t they have uniforms
at home ? Never know if they do have uniforms at home.
Because their  parents are still trying to buy their uniforms.
And Some kids hang around the streets asking for money to
buy them uniforms. And it would be sad  if they don’t have
any permission.
This is why they should wear Mufti.

Kids feel so comfortable  wearing Mufti clothes in school.
Kids have styles and have the right to wear mufti. Even
though the amount of people wear mufti. Kids from every school
say “ wearing  mufti is so comfortable”.If school rules say :
If wearing Mufti , URGENTLY need a dress pass. Wearing a
school uniform can be hard and uncomfortable for them and
really itching for them and also they have to wear them  all day .
That’s why mufti is so comfortable.

Conclusion  Time : 

This writing just explain why kids wear Mufti to school. And 
because Mufti clothes they also change their parts of their

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