Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Martin Luther King.Jr

This is about the  an up stander that try to stop violent.His name is martin luther king.Watch this video and Leave a comment..

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Perfect healthy sandwich



  •  Bread ( 2 slices )
  • 1 teaspoon Butter
  • 2  teaspoon Mayo ( don't add too much mayo ) 
  •   2 pieces of lettuce
  • 2 slices of Tomato 
  •  3 slices of  cucumber
  •  1 tablespoon of tuna

  1. First you need the bread. Put two slices of bread on a plate and you should now add the
butter by spending nice and slow

  1. .Don’t forget the mayo! Add 2 teaspoons of mayo as well.

  1. Add the 2 lettuce pieces on the bread. Make sure their together.

  1. Now you add the 2 slices of  tomato you put the 2 slice tomato on top of the lettuces.
  2. Add the 3 slice of cucumber on top of the tomato pick the spot wisely.

  1. you need 1 spoon of tuna spend if you need too.

  1. Now the final part the top of the bread.

There you have a perfect healthy sandwich

Monday, 6 August 2018

Kapa Haka 2013

Since 2013 it was april the 1st and I was 6 years old  I was in room 6.Things change over the past years but this is important because I like to remember the past so I like to write  this story so this is the start.

I was in Ms She  classroom 6 It was time to pick our  group for fiafia I was so confuse what kids was doing.You know that kids like 6 years old  gets confused so that’s me I got confused “ Hazel Come and get a paper to put down your  Fiafia choice” I follow the other kids getting a paper  I ask one of my friends Lucy I ask “where do you get your paper”  she said over there by the table.

Soon I got a paper to put down my group for Fiafia  I made a wise choice I pick kapa haka.It was my First choice   kapa haka and my 2nd choice was niue and my last choice was cook island Ok ok I most forgot my choices but I knew kapa haka was one of my choice.I really  got confuse.It was pack up time sitting down on the mat sitting up ready to go home.When my mum pick me up I told her about fia fia this is the words i said to my mum “ Mum  I do faifai

Now it was the 2nd of april the choice that was decided for me was kapa haka.It’s really good to be in kapa haka.Our maori teacher is Ms Tito,I was excited to be in kapa haka but  since i went in the class.When we begin the warm up I think it was the ele the maori ele thing.

After the days I just don’t want  you viewers so bored so I’ll skip  the days.It was the last day before the big fia fia just the last day of class.My mum and dad pick me up,It was 5: 45 pm time to go school to change but I was at home still.My parents drop me and my sister and brother too I wasn’t the only one at school.I was at my change room really to perform on stage Ms tito remind us to smile so bright.   

The best part is going up on the  stage.Soon as I went up the stage It felt like heaven well not pass on you know what I mean.And my favourite part when I was confuse on the stage. You Can't see me but i'm there.