Wednesday, 28 November 2018


Task description: So for my math class task is BEDMAS what does BEDMAS stand for? It stand for Brackets,Exponents,Divide,Multiply,Add and subtract.Read my work and leave a comment.

Monday, 26 November 2018


Task description: For my reading task is about this girl she wanted a phone and she think that she was the only one who had no phone.Then everything changes she made a new friend her name is ME ME.Read the  text  to find out and don't forget to read my writing.Leave a comment. : )

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

State housing New Zealand

Task description: For my learning is state housing.This is my task it's about how mix the maori and pakhea have live in state houses read more of my answers and if you want to read the story click the top that say state housing New Zealnad.Leave A  comment : )

State housing NZ

Task description: For our learning in Room 4 literacy  for week 5 is state housing.In my reading  and  my task is  to do is pick a photo to fit to 1950's and 2017.Leave a comment : )

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Free writing - A strange Letter

E1 - A strange letter

One nightly night I was about to go outside to get the mail but the mail was at the front of my door I only had one letter.
When I went inside it look like an old letter.The letter said to Alisa from Danni.I really want  to read it so I did.
Wait that’s it,I think this address use to be this person “ Alisa”.Maybe there’s more but I need to find this person.
So I went  to the library to check out the Cp I type up this alisa.It show up a popular woman like a singer or someone.
I don’t know her last name till this librarben came.I said to her “ do know this letter or heard about it or maybe something”
her eyes was shock.
Cause it was Alisa,She look old maybe that letter was old.I had a little chat with her.
“ Oh I thought you were alisa I think I was wrong then Ok thanks anyway”
“ Wait dear if you are looking for this Alisa I heard about this letter you know,
There is a very long old house near St mary street”

“ Ok thanks for telling me” “ But wait there’s more Be careful with that house it overcome
a ghost house beware dear ok” “ sure”.
I didn’t want to die but I have no choice but to find this alisa at that  old house………...


E2 - It’s all ghostly