Friday, 26 August 2016

Hazel Nz olympic Macost

My name is Eddie the bird. I was born in march 2009. I give the people good fortune and I am a colorful bird.And love to fly in the air.And even he got the 5 colors on him.

I live in New Zealand zoo.When the Olympic start I  fly up the sky to check it out.When I went to the Olympic I saw Mascots and Sports.I fly up the sky and watching the Olympic.#

My mission is to spread joy throughout the celebrate of the Olympic.People carry for the sports that were
they  get  there medal at the Olympic.

Hazel NZ winning Gold

Winning Gold!
WALT: create mood in our writing.

I was at the Olympic on the  podium . Crowd cheering for me and my parents. I see people going wild on me when i stand on 1Th place.Firework going wild i never hear firework go loud before it was so loud i can’t even hear people

When the fireworks was keep going it was so loud i can’t hear people cheering.The judge came with the medals
and when he put the medals on the people. Carmes was taking shot at me it was so bright i  could not see people.

I was so proud that my parents is cheering for me and my couch.                

Monday, 15 August 2016

Hazel Wrting About Olympic

WALT:Learn about Olympic

Over four years for 7 weeks and 10 days i was  training to be in the Olympic.Every weeks and days i always go to the pools to train there.

I went to the pools to practice and practice and practice until i get faster and stronger.

The Olympic email me they send me a mail they said in the mail we have see your training in the pools
you are the excellent swimmer want to come to the Olympic and win in the swimming  race thank you for letting me to be in the Olympic race i hope i win a Gold.

The person who is saying who coming first ‘her time is 10.48 and the rest of the woman time are 20.59 it is the best time’  Said the person who saying

‘I hope  i go on the podium for 1th places’.‘For 3nd places Angela and for 2nd places alley and 1th hazel.

The best time is training for 7 week and 10 days.



Hazel Problem Solving

Hazel My New Zealand Olympic Mascot

My New Zealand Olympic Mascot
Screenshot 2016-08-12 at 10.32.43 AM.png
Name: Kiwi  

Icon 1:holding a rugby ball

Icon 2:    on a surfboard                     

Icon 3 (optional): wearing gum boots      

Describe what it looks like:He surf in new Zealand he
Surf at the beach .he like to rugby and he is in a team call all blacks.
he wear gum boo          

Why is it unique to NZ? he popular and kiwi live in the Nation zoo in new Zealand.

What are its Favorited things to do:
  • He play rugby.
  • He surf
  • He go to the farm