Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Hazel Scary Story

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WaLT: We are witing a story that how your person end up in the under ground  tunnle
It was a raining day even it was May.John cena woke up in a raining night he was about to head to the  gym but it was raining hard out that he could get wet in the rain.but he can’t risk it  he went outside to walk in the rain he was getting wet he made it to the trash and grab an old newspaper
He look at it and throw it in the trash again he find i map but it was fresh but did someone put it in the trash?.When he saw the gym he fell into a  hole.The hole lead him to the underground.The hole disappear from the roof top the lights turn off when he got there but there  were a doll that was sitting.The light was shiny at the doll John cena was going to freak out he thinks that he’s going to lose his hole life.But he had his phone and the doll was saying “ 1...2...3....4… come on John cena” the doll know john cena name he call Big Show.And then big show came and said “ what’s the problem”
“ There is a scary doll singing at me  but scary i think that i am going to waste my whole life
Can you get it away for ever” “sure”

“Thanks Big Show” “now let’s head to the gym”.

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