Monday, 20 November 2017

Athletics 2017

On a sunny day like Friday the time to get drifting and  crazy super fun.Have you done Athletics before I have ? it started at 8:50 am I think.We were at school everything in my way was fun actives like High Jump, Relays,Tug - O - War. The big day was coming to me .

Athletics is like  a fun doing thing but it’s funner to have fun.I am in Hine Moana that means I am in Blue theirs other colors as well like Red,Blue,Yellow and also Green.I can wait for this Athletics day the best thing I am good at is Target Ball.

First the year 6 girls were at Target Ball.Target Ball was the best time and game to play I came 1st place between us don’t tell I look thought the results.Between year 1 to 4 they have the left side of the field and the year 5 to 8 take the right side of the field and out of the school field.

My favourite event was the High Jump it was crazy I was close of becoming the First blue to come 3nd place but I fail :(.I wish I didn't fail
but I wish close.On Target Ball I was good hitting the balls from the surround of us girls the green attacked us and red and yellow attacked each other so that was a fun game.

I think on Target Ball and High jump or Relays I did well and Volleyball as well.My friend was very good at every sports as well I wish I can be like them to be good at everything.The whole day was fun and funny to I wish we can do this again but we have to wait till next year.

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