Monday, 20 November 2017

Film Festival

On Wednesday  6th  of November in Pt England   in the team4  space the year5 was getting ready to go Sylvia Park  Room  27 to 7 goes first that was not fair.Before like last year we all went expects team 5
we go  at 11 ‘o'clock.

Manaiakalani is a nice funny events  for Pt England it was are 10th annual of manaiakalani.I never knew every next years we  all go to Sylvia Park every years to watch the hard works that the teachers have made with their class.

We went to Sylvia Park to watch the best movie in the world.We have to pay to go to Sylvia Park the bus cost $2 but I didn't pay don’t know why.When we got there it change the mall change as well.

My favourite manaiakalani movie was the ‘Make Kindness Go Viral’ cause oh that classroom was Rm18.They make Kindness go everywhere first the kindness go to a little boy who forgot his money.
Then a girl gave him money and give him her address that really said “Make Kindness Go Viral”. Here a link of the movie that I like  ( RM 18 Make Kindness Go Viral ) just click the blue  button to go to the movie that I like.

There some funny movie like Rm 1 Slow Mo and Rm 7 Time Machine

you can see amazing movie from these hard working team Manaiakalani.

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