Friday, 27 October 2017

The Yoghurt Challenge

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Today Rm 6 had done  The Yoghurt Challenge.Have you try the yoghurt challenge?We were  in class  in literacy our teacher Miss Scanlan Explain what is the yoghurt challenge.

The Rules when  2 people  blindfolded behind the person in front and then  the person in front sit on there hands and put a shirt on them just in case the yoghurt   fall on their  school  shirt  and pants & shorts.
It’s not easy to win  you have to keep  your face clean  but   they don’t  know where their mouth so they just go for it.You have to clear your  face.

Arthur & Leone and Paige & Madison  was in the start leone  won’t  stop missing arthur mouth so he put it on his nose,eyes hair but Arthur knock the yoghurt off leone hands and drop onto the ground. Some of the yoghurt fell on me my hair, eye, pants and shirt   but the yoghurt  splash  on the other people eyes,jumpers and pants.

Leone pick up the yoghurt and keep feeding the yoghurt  to Arthur.Paige and Madison  had a little mess we did a count down
5,4,3,2,1 everything was stop mess was still there.The winner is Paige & Madison. Paige was the cleanest  and Arthur and Leone was the messy.

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